Games and Creativity

Games to get you moving

Games To Get You Moving

Maturing doesn’t have to mean sitting around watching television, or that you can’t embrace your inner child! It’s easy to find activity ideas to keep you on the move.

Paper Airplane Flying Contest

Do you remember loving paper airplanes as a kid? Well they’re just as fun when you’re a grown-up! This game is more fun in groups, or you could include the grandkids when they come around.

Items you will need

  • Large bed sheet
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker
  • Printer paper
  • Large pad or blackboard, and pen or chalk for keeping score


  1. Cut holes in the sheet large enough for a paper airplane to pass through.
  2. Mark each hole with a score using the sharpie.
  3. Hang the sheet from a clothesline or ceiling.
  4. Have each participant design and fold his or her own paper airplane.

Game Play

Each participant stands a predetermined distance from the bed sheet and throws their airplane at the sheet.

If the plane passes through a hole in the sheet, the participant earns the indicated number of points.

Keep track of points on a black board or sheet of paper.

This game can also be played with a Frisbee, balls or beanbags in place of the airplanes.

Backyard Games

Backyard games can be set up in limited spaces and gets you out in the fresh air, just be sure to wrap up warm! Some ideas to get you started are;

  • Croquet
  • Badminton
  • Lawn darts
  • Horse shoes
  • Shuffleboard

Creative Activity Ideas

What better time to try all of the creative pursuits you dreamed you would do someday.


The great thing about photography is that everything is a potential subject.

  • Plants
  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Buildings
  • People
  • Architectural fixtures and moldings
  • Patterns of light
  • Shadows

With digital photography, seeing the pictures is instantaneous, so there is immediate feedback about the subject rather than waiting for film to develop.

For the truly brave and creative, digital photo-editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Canva allows users to adjust or digitally manipulate the photography to add in artistic effects.


Beads have come a long way in the past few years. Today’s beads are miniature works of art in a variety of mediums like glass, resin and polymer clay. A quick trip to the craft store and you’ll see a variety of settings and mediums for stringing beads. Homemade jewellery is unique and makes a great gift. Check your local community college, senior centre or craft store for jewellery-making classes.

Courtesy of Seniors Love to Know