Tree Beings by Raymond Huber & Sandra Severgnini

Tree Beings Book
Tree Beings Book


Raymond Huber & Sandra Severgnini & FORWARD BY DR JANE GOODALL

Children’s picture book | 280mm x 245mm | Hardback | Ages 8+ | 80 pages | RRP $34.99 |

Tree Beings takes a fresh look at trees — not as a silent statues but as beings that enrich the whole planet. Trees are the oldest living things; they create air, rainfall, soil, and animal habitats; and they clean up our pollution. Readers get to know trees through the inspiring true stories of people who love trees (scientists, protestors, planters): a scientist who discovered how trees ‘talk’; a boy who mobilized children to fight climate change; a young woman with the world record for living up a tree; the first brave tree-hugging women; and a man responsible for trillions of tree-plantings. Tree Beings has four ‘big ideas’: trees give life, trees save us, trees are beings, and trees need help. It outlines recent tree science, especially how trees are our best living allies in the fight to slow down climate change. Tree Beings takes a positive approach by focusing on the wonders of trees and our connection to them. It suggest ways for readers to get to know trees as beings. The book also includes tree wisdom from many cultures, and introduces some famous and fascinating tree species.

We have been lucky enough to have a look through this book in the office here at GrownUps, and it is such a lovely book which children will no doubt refer back to for years. We especially loved all the hidden animals on the cover!

Tree Beings Insert


  • Trees are a hot topic in climate change and environmental science. This book brings a hopeful approach to the subject.
  • Tree Beings is a unique combination of fact and feeling that will encourage kids to fall in love with the natural world and act to protect it.
  • Jane Goodall endorses the book and has written a foreword.
  • Includes the latest tree science in a way that is accessible to kids.
  • Includes inspiring stories of famous people who love and protect trees.

ABOUT THE AUTHORTree Beings Author, Raymond Huber

Raymond Huber is a children’s author, teacher, and editor. His acclaimed picture books, Flight of the Honey Bee and Gecko, are published in several countries; his junior novels, Sting and Wings, are science-fiction about bees; and Peace Warriors is a young adults’ book about non-violence. Raymond has also written many educational books. He lives in New Zealand and was the Creative NZ-Otago University Writer in Residence in 2018.


Sandra Severgnini owned an art gallery and retail store before finally deciding it was well and truly time to nurture her lifetime passion and focus on children’s picture books. Her fascination with the magical natural world around her inspires her words and brings sensitivity and humour to her illustrations.

You can purchase your own copy (or one for the Grandchildren) here.


With school holidays starting next week, we are very excited to give away 4 copies of this book to our GrownUps members! Head over to our Competition page to enter.