Web chic – How to buy clothes online

Web chic has nothing whatsoever to do with spiders and everything to do with convenience and clear choice.

If you haven’t bought clothing online before, the first time can be a challenge. What if it doesn’t fit? How will you know if it will suit you? Online shopping is actually extremely convenient. If you live some distance from a shopping centre, or are often busy and prefer not to battle the weekend crowds, shopping online allows you to browse at your leisure, compare styles and prices, and make an informed decision.

Before you begin, measure yourself well (and honestly!). Wear your usual underwear to get an accurate bust measurement. From there, each online store has a size guide, so you will be able to check your measurements against each style. You will be able to see several angles of the garment on a model, to see whether you like how the shape of the neckline, or taper of the trousers.

Online sellers usually offer up to 30 days right of return (provided the item still has the tag attached, receipt and is in original condition, i.e. not worn). You may need to pay for the postage for the item to be returned, but that is usually a minimal cost.

Once you discover a brand selling online that works for your body shape, you won’t look back. It’s hard to make impulse purchases when you have plenty of time and aren’t feeling pressured by sale assistants.