Makeup-free and beautiful 



While makeup can be incredibly empowering for some women, others may find that as they age it becomes distracting or begins to feel a little out of place in their daily routine. If you fall into the latter category, taking a step away from cosmetics and embracing a naturally beautiful aesthetic could change your entire outlook on makeup and encourage you to reconsider whether you need it to step out with confidence.

Here’s some food for thought:

Look younger

While many women champion makeup to shave off the years and look younger, the reality is that it can often leave your complexion looking tired and aged. Foundation can settle in skin creases, lipstick can seep into fine lines around the mouth and eye makeup can create unflattering shadows. With this in mind, toning down your makeup can be a clever way to age gracefully and show off your natural beauty. You may be surprised how many people comment on your youthful appearance when you step out fresh-faced.

Let your skin breathe

As you age your skin can dry out and a heavy coating of makeup doesn’t help. Instead, try nourishing your complexion with natural moisturisers like rosehip oil and shea butter. This will give your skin plenty of time to breathe during the day and create a hydration barrier that locks in moisture and keeps your complexion supple and healthy.

Go lighter

Can’t quite grasp the concept of phasing out makeup? Why not experiment with a lighter, more natural look? This could mean swapping a thick foundation for a sheer tinted moisturiser, replacing darker eyeshadows with bronze and cream-toned shades or opting for a nude or berry-toned lipstick instead of your usual bright red or pink. Less is often more, so try toning down your beauty regime and adopting a more natural look.

Natural remedies

For many women makeup becomes a way to hide flaws and imperfections. If you want to take a more organic route, consider swapping pore-clogging cosmetics for natural remedies. For example, applying caffeinated tea bags to your under-eye area and making sure you stay hydrated can work wonders for puffy pouches, while a concoction of lemon juice, honey and egg whites can be used to smooth out wrinkles.

A brow makeover

Brows have enjoyed a major renaissance over the past few years and it’s no secret that the right shape can work wonders for your face. Instead of trying to enhance your appearance with makeup, why not invest in a professional eyebrow consultation? A few tweaks and the occasional tint can help highlight your best features and frame your face in a way that’s completely natural.

Ultimately, whether you wear makeup is entirely up to you. As long as you feel beautiful and empowered stepping out of the house, that’s all that matters. If this means a dust of mineral foundation, a lick of mascara and a swipe of lipstick then power to you. However, if you feel like it’s time to embrace a more natural look then the benefits of going makeup-free are yours for the taking.