How to make subtle style statements after 50

style after 50

style after 50After decades of developing a personal style, you’d think that women aged 50 and over would have mastered the art of dressing. However, the reality is that when many ladies hit half a century, they find themselves facing a style crisis. They’re not quite ready to let go of the looks they embraced in their 30s and 40s, though not sure how to transition towards an aesthetic that’s more mature and refined.

The secret is to make subtle style statements and embrace the fact that fashion for over 50s has incredible depth. You may not want to wear midriff-baring shirts or thigh-skimming miniskirts, but you can pull off elegant, sophisticated pieces that youngsters can only hope to compete with.

Looking for inspiration? Here’s our guide to breaking down ‘age-appropriate’ barriers and creating a look that’s all your own.

Statement jewellery

Keeping things simple can often be the best approach when it comes to elegant dressing. The beauty in this concept is that simple clothes pair wonderfully with statement jewellery. For example, a basic day dress can be elevated to the next level with a pair of beaded earrings or a chunky necklace. Statement jewellery is also a top choice if you want to draw attention away from your figure and focus the attention on your accessories.

Luxe fabrics

Sure, it’s tempting to pick up bargains from retailers like Kmart and Target. But hitting your 50s can be a fantastic excuse to treat yourself to luxury fabrics and invest in staple pieces that effortlessly transition from year to year. Think a pair of loose-fitting mulberry silk pants, a breezy linen day dress or a cosy merino wool cardigan. Instead of following trends, look for classic designs that will never go out of fashion. Trust us, they exist.

Learn to love investment pieces

Speaking of investment pieces… Stylists continually stress the fact that when it comes to elegant dressing, one beautiful handbag, pair of heels, winter coat or item of jewellery is worth 10 cheap versions and will be a far better investment in the long term.

A pop of colour

If you’re not sure what works for you it could be worth getting your colours done by a professional. Personal colours consultation services can help you pinpoint the shades that complement your natural complexion and discover how to look and feel your absolute best on a daily basis.

Goodbye black

While it’s not a hard and fast rule, many fashion pros maintain that black can look a little severe on over 50s, especially when worn against the face. Instead, opt for softer and more neutral shades like khaki, indigo and maroons. You can also take cues from Coco Chanel, a style icon who consistently wore white to reflect light on the face and champion a timelessly elegant aesthetic.