How to look better in photos

Do you often take unflattering photos? You’re not alone there are so many things that can go wrong when you get your picture taken. Don’t give up though, because here are our top tips to ensure every photo is your best photo.

Top Tips for Better Photos

  1. Double Chin: to reduce a double chin it is important that the camera is higher than your head and pointed slightly down at you. Once that is in place drop your chin down just a little bit, look upwards a little, and then lean forward.
  2. Appearing wider Than You Are: To fix this your going to have to angle your body 45 degrees to the left or right, your knee closest to the camera should be bent a little, then shift your weight to your hip that’s the furthest from the camera.
  3. Embrace Your Face: Don’t worry about your teeth, hair or anything else. It’s important to feel comfortable and try to smile. If you can’t smile or feel nervous, think of something that makes you smile, look at someone else in the photo or someone in the background behind the photographer.
  4. Indirect Light: When you are inside, a non-direct light coming through a window is always flattering. When you are outside, you should make sure that the sun is a little behind you. Don’t let the light be in your eyes as you’ll end up squinting in your pictures.
  5. Arms: Should be put away as they can be very distracting. Make sure you keep your arms away from your body, such as behind your back, and lean forward.
  6. Best Side of Your Face: Know what is the best side to get your picture taken for example the left or right side of your face. This is a personal decision.
  7. No Distractions: It’s important not to wear anything that distracts from your face. This means no bold stripes, large patterns and bulky sweaters. Try to wear more neutral colours with no patterns.
  8. Look Your Age: Don’t try to look like a young person. Be proud of who you are: wear makeup that suits your age and skin tone.
  9. Practice: check how you look in front of the mirror and try to perfect how you want to look in the picture.
  10. Try Not to Blink: if you’re having trouble, close your eyes just before the picture is taken to ensure they are open when the shutter goes click!

What are your top tips for looking great in photos? Do you have a favourite photo outfit or prefer one side of your body over another in a photo? Tell us!