How to get perfect eyebrows

Believe it or not, perfect brows aren’t exclusive to those lucky ladies who’ve won the genetic lottery. In fact, with a few tweaks to your beauty regime you too can flaunt traffic-stopping eyebrows and look like you’ve stepped straight out a salon.

Whether you prefer bold and feathered or arched and perfectly primed, read on for a few nuggets of brow wisdom sourced from the experts at the GrownUps beauty bar.

Get your brows shaped by a professional

Let’s face it, the pros know what they’re doing. You can research salons online, chat to your local beauty salons and ask around for recommendations. Ultimately, professionals have mastered the art of beautiful brows and know a thing or two about what styles suit what face shapes.

Learn to love your brow pencil

Oh so simple, a good brow pencil can completely revolutionise your beauty regime. Our advice is to skip run of the mill brands and invest in a quality brow pencil purchased from a luxury department store like Smith & Caughey’s. Not only will you enjoy access to boutique brands but you’ll also have a team of experts on hand to help you choose the right pencil for your brows.

Brow tinting

Another option is brow tinting, which is a great way to enhance lighter hues. You can splurge on a brow artist or simply do it yourself using a DIY beauty kit.

Consider microblading

If your eyebrows are lacking serious lustre why not consider microblading? It’s nowhere near as invasive as it sounds, and basically involves experts using a special microblading pen to “tattoo” on individual brow strokes one by one.

Opt for threading

Unlike plucking and waxing, threading is a great way to achieve a more defined and precise brow shape. It’s also a fantastic option for ladies with sensitive skin as it doesn’t trigger breakouts, burns or redness.

Use castor oil to boost growth

An industry secret is to slather brows in castor oil to boost growth. Laden with omega-9 fatty acids, castor oil can stimulate hair growth, nourish follicles and help you fast-track your way to thicker and fuller brows.

Embrace your natural shape

One of the best snippets of advice is to simply embrace your natural brow shape. Generally, your original shape complements your face and only needs a little tweaking to enhance your overall look.

Do you have any tried and tested brow secrets?