How to tell if someone is flirting with you

In the world of dating or just in our daily social interactions, there are a lot of different signs people give to show that they are attracted to someone. It is important to be able to read the signs right, as there is nothing worse than getting your heart broken over someone who isn’t attracted to you. Let’s learn more about ten key signs that someone is flirting with you.

10 Signs Someone Is Flirting with You

Not sure if someone is flirting with you or just being nice? Here are ten signs which show they’ve got more than platonic thoughts about you!

  1. Touch – continually touching when having a conversation, especially when they don’t have to touch you, shows they are keen. They’re going out of their way to show their affection, which is definitely classed as flirting.
  2. Personal Space – when the other person finds any opportunity to get close to you, it’s flirting. For example, if you step back and they step forward, it’s a sure sign of flirting.
  3. Showing Their Best Side – we always like to draw attention to our most attractive features, so if someone is always positioning them towards you, consider it flirting.
  4. Eyes – if a person is interested in you, when you are speaking their eyes will be wide open.
  5. Smiles and Laughs – if they smile and laugh a bit too much, chances are that means they are flirting with you.
  6. No Distractions – when they are with you, they have all their focus on you. This means they don’t have time to talk to their friends or answer phone calls as they only have eyes for you.
  7. Checking You Out – they look you up and down, head to toe. They want you to know that they are physically attracted to you and hope you feel the same.
  8. Blushing – if you compliment them and they can’t help but go pink or beetroot red, they’re flirting with you.
  9. Relationship Status – they try to make it as obvious as possible that they are single and would like to go out with you. They will also want to know if your available too.
  10. Plans – if they try to find out what you’re doing later or learn about any common hobbies you both may share, then they are flirting because they definitely want to see you again!


It doesn’t matter how old we get: people still flirt with each other to express their attraction. The only thing that has possibly changed since we were younger is we now know to grab what we want every chance we get! Life is too short for procrastination!  If you like them, flirt back. If not, you may miss another opportunity for some fun and adventure.