Say Goodbye to Uncertainty – Travel is BACK!

Travel is back

The last 3 years have been a roller coaster of a ride for would-be travellers, but the end of uncertainty has arrived. Entry restrictions in and around the world (especially in Europe) are reducing, with travellers now freely able to move across borders in the majority of countries.

The bookings are mounting

With this return to freedom, it’s no wonder interest in overseas travel has increased dramatically over the last few weeks, and bookings are mounting up for late 2022 and 2023 getaways. Australia’s Tasmania and Northern Territory destinations are topping the wish list for New Zealand travellers; not surprising given the diversity these short-haul gems have to offer. Always popular, Europe is clearly on the agenda of many, with the UK, Spain and Italy particularly in the limelight.

Don’t be left out!

With this surge of travel interest, there are big benefits for early bird bookings – not least securing a spot on tours are fast filling up. “Expect tours to become booked out sooner rather than later,” advises Louise Levesque, New Zealand’s general manager of marketing for family owned Travel Corporation. “It’s not only Kiwis who’ve been locked down for too long – it’s travellers across the globe!”

Hot new travel trends

Coming close on the heels of a surge in bookings, are two new and growing trends: ‘going big’ with longer term travel, and the rise of the ‘solo traveller’.

Those seeking to ‘go big’ tend to be travellers who, more than most, have missed the opportunity to explore, and experience other cultures during the acute pandemic years. Now they’re opting for tours longer in length, often booking back- to-back trips to make up for lost time.

While solo travel isn’t exactly new, the solos now seeking out the world aren’t necessarily singles. In fact, they’re more likely to be someone who’s partner isn’t interested in travelling, while they, themselves, are happy to explore alone. The good news is, solo options are pouring in from a wide range of tour operators, with opportunities including solo room shares, where you’ll be matched with a same-sex traveller, allowing you to pay a twin share price. Depending on availability, there may even be reduced or free solo room upgrades.

Flexible options

Perhaps what’s most reassuring, in the uncertain times we’ve become accustomed to, is many of the more tried and trusted tour operators are factoring flexibility into their bookings. When you travel with Grownups Holidays reputable travel partners you have the flexibility to date change – 60 days prior to departure for Trafalgar, Costsaver, Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold, and 30 days before departure for AAT Kings. Other big names are offering similar assurances.

Elevated health and well-being security

Numerous new measures have been put in place to ensure travellers’ well-being. Tours have elevated hygiene standards and protocols, and GrownUps Holidays travel partners, Trafalgar and Insight Vacation, include the services of a specially trained and dedicated Well-Being Director on tours throughout Europe and North America. Of course, none of this means you should dispense with personal travel insurance, so be sure to talk about this with your travel and insurance professionals.

Responsible travellers say ‘yes’ to coaches

There’s reassuring news regarding responsible travel, when you opt for a coach tour. Coach travel causes less pollution per passenger mile than any other form of motorised transport. In fact, travelling by coach creates 85% less carbon dioxide per passenger mile than car and air travel, and nearly 40% less than rail. As leaders in coach travel, Trafalgar, Costsaver, Insight Vacations, Luxury Gold, and AAT Kings fleet of state-of-the-art motor-coaches are among the most efficient, complying with EU emissions standards. What’s not to love!

Feeling excited for a Grownups travel adventure? So are we! Just don’t leave your bookings too late – because travel fever has begun!