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2804 DonateNZ hor CMYK TM 2

Got things at home you no longer need or want?  Then it’s time to find them a new, loving home, using the recently relaunched website Working nationwide, the website gives all New Zealanders the ability to donate their unwanted items quickly and easily to needy local community organisations.

To donate, simply list the items as available by clicking “DONATE” on the homepage – or automatically locate a home by viewing the current Wishes from organisations in your area.  Hundreds of member schools, playcentres and charities are waiting to benefit from your Offers.  They can utilise almost anything and in most cases, will come collect the items from you!  Says Recipient member Thames Animal Rescue Team “DonateNZ is awesome and we have been blessed with many wonderful items for the cat rescue unit. For some people the items we have wanted are things they would usually have thrown away”.  Since the site began in 2006, the website has helped over 30,000 items find new homes – that’s a whole lot of support for the local community!

Individuals, who make up the greatest group of donors, hate waste and passionately seek re-use. T.Johnson says, “We had some surplus stuff and didn’t want to throw it away. We have become a throwaway society. A local school needed it and that was great.” With climate change and environmental responsibility on the tip of everyone’s tongue, DonateNZ is a great way for us all to get involved in a sustainable recycling and re-use solution, at the click of a button.

For businesses, donating through the site presents an additional cost savings, but it’s rarely this reason alone that prompts them to donate. Peter Koning of Auckland Commercial Painting says “We had certain products and we thought we could give them away instead of dumping them. If someone can find some benefit from it, that would be good”.

From pre-loved computer monitors, to furniture, to excess product and even live animals, donations through promise to revolutionise the way we handle and view, our unwanted stuff. “Annually we send 3.5 million tonnes of stuff to landfill, a huge cost to both the community and our environment,” Claire Sawyers, Director of DonateNZ says. “But 100 times this sits unused in our homes, garages and storerooms, representing an even greater cost – one of lost opportunities.”

DonateNZ’s message is simple one: “Don’t dump it, Donate it!”. List your unwanted stuff at  It saves you time & money, gives your unloved things a new lease on life, whilst helping the environment and supporting your local community.