8456 Worlds Funniest Emails Book
8456 Worlds Funniest Emails Book

Published by Hodder Moa in PB on 1 November 2011 / RRP $24.99

E‐mails. We get a stack of them every day. Most are rubbish. Some are exceptional. This book is the world’s best e‐mails – a collection of the cleverest, funniest e‐mail jokes out there.

The perfect stocking filler, worlds.funniest.emails.con includes the best in a wide range of topical jokes and funny e‐mails “in the best possible taste” from around the world including current and popular topics!

Topics are as follows:

  • Animal politics, political animals and other terrorists
  • Best comebacks and things to cheer you up
  • Big battle of the sexes
  • Blondes…and bastards (sorry, I meant lawyers)
  • Bloody Aussies
  • Complaints department, legal lunacy, military madness
  • Conundrums, wise words and foot‐in‐mouth disease
  • Darn kids
  • Getting technical
  • Medical misadventures
  • Money matters, work, taxes and tight arses
  • Phraseology
  • Senior citizens
  • Spiritual experiences
  • Sporting highs
  • The Emerald Oisle, great Scots, Chinese crackers…