The Outsiders

9038 The Outsiders
9038 The Outsiders


Published by Hachette New Zealand in TPB on 10 July 2012 / RRP $34.99

The new book from the acknowledged master of the modern British thriller!

They used to meet for a smoke behind the MI5 building. They were disbanded after the death of the youngest member of their team at the hands of a Russian gangster. Now, suddenly, the Graveyard Team is being called back together. Word is that a gangster is staying at a villa in Spain – the Costa del Sol being a multi-billion dollar hub in the worldwide drug trade.

Winnie Monks has never forgotten – or forgiven – the murder of her agent. Now she asks permission to put a photo surveillance unit in the empty house next door to the villa, not mentioning that she is also sending one of the Graveyard Team – Sparky the sniper.

In another part of London, likeable young man Jonno is starting a relationship with a girl called Polly. They are offered the chance to spend a week in a little house belonging to family friends on the Costa del Sol. A house that MI5 thinks is empty . . .

The Outsiders is vintage Seymour: action, suspense, brilliant characterisation and fascinating insight into a full-scale war – the war against organised crime, which is happening all around us, every day.

About the Author

Gerald Seymour spent fifteen years as an international television news reporter with IRN, covering Vietnam and the Middle East, specialising in terrorism across the world. Seymour was on the streets of Londonderry on the afternoon of Bloody Sunday, and was a witness to the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

Seymour’s first novel was the acclaimed thriller Harry`s Game, set in Belfast, and since then six of his thrillers have been filmed for television in the UK and US.