9010 Savour Book
9010 Savour Book


Published by Random House Struik, June 2012, RRP$55.00

'This book will allow you to eat your words… literally.'

There is an indelible connection between food and language, and therefore between food and people. We are social beings, made to interconnect, interact, share and converse. We achieve this through language and through food or, more specifically, through eating.

According to the authors the words used to describe food contain and evoke meaning. They encapsulate emotion and instil feeling. They are so much more than the letters that form them, just as an exquisitely prepared dish is so much more than its basic ingredients.

Savour takes us on an enticing journey that engages more than just our sense of taste. Featuring over 200 recipes catering for any occasion, this is a cookbook with a difference.

One word captures the essence of each chapter (think Chill, Sizzle, Love) with the recipes contained within that chapter demonstrating the inherent meaning and evocation of that word. The recipes are easy to replicate, simple to make and, of course, irresistibly edible. And because people eat with their eyes, there is a strong focus on the presentation and styling of each dish, supported by mouth-watering full-colour photography.

About the Author

Marc Hirschowitz is an event creator. After reading his Masters in Management Science in the UK, Marc managed several businesses in numerous countries before launching an events company, Conceptspark, in London 10 years ago. Karen Alsfine is a creative writer, aspiring cook … or is it creative cook, aspiring writer? As a mother of two young children, she prefers being available to ice sprinkle-smothered cupcakes with them whenever they ask. Karen endeavours to prove that with a great recipe anyone can cook. Estelle Sacharowitz is a caterer and cuisine concocter. She has managed a niche catering company in South Africa for 13 years. She has a natural connection with food and immerses herself in continually acquiring knowledge and experimenting with ingredients and methods of cooking.

  • Will appeal to people seeking the courage to cook, as well as those experienced cooks looking for some inspiration.
  • Features over 200 recipes and presentation ideas that are simple and easy to replicate.
  • Includes 300 full-colour photographs that lend stunning visual appeal.
  • Easy, stylish entertaining with a quirky twist.