Guardian Angel

9193 Guardian Angel
9193 Guardian Angel

By Robert Muchamore

Published by Hachette New Zealand, 1 August 2012 $34.99 RRP

Guardian Angel is the second book in a brand-new CHERUB series from the best-selling Robert Muchamore.

Ryan has saved Ethan's life more than once. Ethan thinks he must be a guardian angel. But what he does not yet know is that Ryan works for CHERUB, a secret organisation with one key advantage: even experienced criminals never suspect that children are spying on them. Ethan's family runs a billion-dollar criminal empire and Ryan's job is to destroy it.  

Can Ryan complete his mission without destroying Ethan as well?

Because for official purposes, these children do not exist.

About Robert Muchamore

Robert Muchamore was born in Islington in 1972 and spent thirteen years working as a private investigator. He loves Arsenal and watching people fall down holes. He hates swimming and getting chased by cows. He was inspired to start writing by his nephews’ complaints about the lack of anything for them to read!

The CHERUB series is a number one bestseller in several countries.