‘Cold Wallet’ by Rosy Fenwicke

Cold Wallet


A cryptocurrency thriller set in Auckland, Fiji and Corfu.

‘You have kind eyes,’ the last words Andrew said to Jess before he died on their honeymoon.

Grief stricken, Jess returns to New Zealand and the crypto-currency exchange Andrew left her in his will. As a physician Jess knows nothing about crypto-currency and turns to Andrew’s associate, Henry – someone she has never liked. Does he mean to help or hinder her?

With nothing as it should be, Jess has no choice but to involve the authorities. Shocked when details of her past are leaked to the press, Jess is forced to fight to save her reputation and her future. The solution to her problems could be hidden in the Cold wallet but where are the passwords?

Reviews for Rosy’s Books

Cold Wallet:
LOVE READING UK – ‘With revelations and resolutions that left me spinning I think that this is a really good thriller and I would recommend it.‘

KIRKUS – ‘An intelligent and offbeat contribution to the genre that will appeal to its fans. A savvy, psychologically rich novel of tech-based intrigue.’

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY BOOKLIFE COMPETTITION – ‘Fenwicke has written an intense thriller that has so many creative twists and turns that the ending comes as a pleasant surprise… The characters are very detailed and distinctive, with extensive backgrounds and layers of conflict and complexity… This story is fresh and unique.’

Hot Flush:
GOODREADS 4 star review from Felicity Price and The Dominion Post Book of the Week:

‘What’s not to like about a woman of a certain age who gains super-powers from the moment she has her first hot flush? Especially when her life takes off in a series of unexpected twists and turns requiring those super-powers to be harnessed in ever-increasing quantities? And because the super-powers start out low key – better vision, better hearing, more stamina to extend her daily runs – we go along with what becomes a real rollercoaster ride, making it hard to put this book down.’

Death Actually:
THE READER: NZ Booksellers Blog: ‘The author has gently moulded the strands of the story together with humour and it moves along at a brisk pace with some very satisfactory outcomes from the twists and turns she created among the characters… The underlining theme highlights strength, reliance and hope while looking to the future.’

About Rosy

Rosy Fenwicke lives in Martinborough. She was a doctor who worked in General Practice, Women’s Health and Occupational Medicine in the Wellington region and in Hawkes Bay before becoming a full time writer.
Her previous books are: In Practice, the lives of New Zealand Women Doctors in the 21st Century (Random House 2004); Hot Flush (self-published 2017), the first book in the Euphemia Sage Chronicles. Euphemia Sage, a 53 year old Wellington business consultant, develops super powers and their responsibilities, with the onset of menopause. No Sweat (2019), the second book in the series followed and in late 2021 Empty Nests, the third book in the series will be published. Death Actually (2018) is the story of Maggie, a female funeral director based in Queenstown was and like her previous books, received four star-plus reviews on Good Reads.

Rosy has run marathons (Paris and Motutapu) in the past but now walks her dogs every day. She enjoys reading, gardening, swimming and spending time with family and friends. She can ride an elephant but not very well and hasn’t done this since she had her three children.