Becoming more fulfilled

fulfilledThis is often the time of year when we are seeking something more, but are unsure what it is. Maybe we want a life with more purpose, reward and challenge or perhaps some more adventure.

Whatever way we want to be more fulfilled here are some suggestions about how to achieve it.

Do more of what you truly enjoy.

Is it reading more, writing, travelling or learning something new?

  • Whatever it is make a plan right away to do it.
  • Notice the excuses that come in to your head about why you “can’t”
  • Set a goal, create an action plan and fit it in your life.

Be open to making changes in your life.

When we do this, interesting things can come our way, such as work opportunities, new people we meet, a new club or hobby group.

Save up for something special.  

Part of being fulfilled is going after something you really want.

Have a long hard look at your support network.

Is it supporting you still? Strong relationships with a supportive, nurturing a circle of friends and family members is not only desirable but has been found to be essential as you make changes.

Develop a sense of adventure.

Do you have something that gets you up in the mornings? Research studies have found that this concept of having passion and enthusiasm every day is the one key factor that keeps us living happy long lives.

Whatever challenge comes your way, confront it and give it your best effort. Looking upon life’s trials as great opportunities is one stand out way we become more resilient.

If you find yourself wanting more out of life, endeavour to do what you enjoy, keep yourself open to new possibilities, and face each day with a spirit of adventure.


If you so choose, even the unexpected setbacks can bring new and positive possibilities. If you so choose, you can find value and fulfillment in every circumstance.- Roger Marston


By Ron Tustin.

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