Have the Japanese discovered the key to a healthy heart?

9942 Heart Health Feature
9942 Heart Health Feature

The Japanese have one of the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease and related conditions in the world. Perhaps one of their secrets is natto, a traditional fermented soy food revered for its numerous health benefits and consumed for over 1000 years. More recently, scientists have ascertained that natto contains a proteolytic enzyme called nattokinase.

Healthy HeartBoth clinical and non-clinical studies have demonstrated that nattokinase supports heart and circulatory health. Unfortunately nattokinase is very expensive making the cost prohibitive for many people. The new Radiance® NattoZyme, provides a patented blend of proteolytic enzymes Aspergillus oryzae called Nattozimes® specifically designed to have the same effects as nattokinase but without making such a dent in your wallet.

A fibrin digesting enzyme system, Nattozimes®, helps to support and maintain normal blood clotting activity. It also aids in supporting healthy blood viscosity and flow to allow healthy oxygen, nutrient supply & waste product removal, to and from many vital tissues. Thickening of the blood and formation of inappropriate clots restricts blood flow to vital organs which can have dire consequences for systemic health.

Radiance® NattoZyme is the perfect cost effective way to help nutritionally fortify the diet and help maintain adequate levels of this cardiovascular health supporting enzyme.