11 delicious ways to get your skin glowing

Everyone wants glowing skin. And the good news is, it’s surprisingly easy to replicate the radiance that just seems to come so naturally to your twenty-something-year-old niece. The secret? You are what you eat. It’s a bit of an archaic concept but has managed to retain its relevance in a world where anti-ageing products represent a multi-billion dollar market.

Don’t worry, we’re not about to flood you with an ultra-strict “clean eating” regime that cuts all the joy out of your diet. Or sing the praises to exuberantly overpriced anti-wrinkle cremes. No, every one of these glowing solutions is 100% edible. And the best thing is that they’re inexpensive, easy to find at your local supermarket and most importantly, delicious.

So what’s on our list?

chocolateGet your shine on with chocolate

If there was ever an excuse to eat chocolate, this is IT. Not only does cocoa hydrate the skin, but it also contains high levels of flavonols, a potent antioxidant. The darker the better, so opt for at least 70% cacao for optimal luminosity.

Firm up with yoghurt

Who doesn’t love a fabulous dollop of lusciously creamy Greek yoghurt with their muesli in the morning? The great news is that Greek yoghurt is packed full of protein, which actively firms the skin and smooths the complexion.

Tickle yourself pink with pomegranates

Turns out, pomegranates are more than just a pretty face. The crimson balls of goodness are laden with polyphenol antioxidants, which actively fight free radicals and regulate blood flow in the skin. The result? A gorgeous rosy glow. Lap up the goodness of pomegranates in juice form, or scoop seeds over a salad for a luscious crunch.

Soften and smooth with walnuts

Despite their notoriously hard shell, walnuts can actually work wonders when it comes to softening the skin. They’re a rich source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which augment elasticity and help fight off wrinkles. Walnuts are also loaded with copper, which boosts collagen production and keeps skin looking taught. Goodbye needles, hello nutcracker.

Airbrush with soybeans

Want to drink your way to a clearer complexion. Join the legions of bearded hipsters and start ordering soy lattes, with a side of edamame. The pint-sized beans are loaded with a glut of minerals and proteins that dermatologists hail for their ability to reduce hyperpigmentation and prevent sun spots. You could go out and spend a fortune on soy-infused products from the likes of Elizabeth Arden. Or, you could learn to love the nutty taste of soy milk and incorporate it into your daily routine.

kidney_bean_curry_rajma_57839_16x9Fight imperfections with kidney beans

Adult acne is no myth, with health experts now labelling it an epidemic. High in zinc, kidney beans are a fantastic healing agent, with some studies showing that topical zinc is just as effective as antibiotics when it comes to fighting off infections. Mexican, anyone?

Hydrate with sunflower seeds

Sunflowers themselves seem to glow, so it’s no surprise that their seeds pack a serious punch when it comes to skincare. Saturated with vitamin E, these tiny kernels boast a high essential-fatty-acid content which makes them amazingly hydrating. If you suffer from flaky lips, a handful of sunflower seeds a day could be just what the dermatologist ordered.

Combat crow’s feet with capsicums

Want to banish crow’s feet, sans overhyped and overpriced beauty cremes? According to studies, ladies who pack their diets full of green and yellow veggies enjoy fewer wrinkles around the eyes. Studies also indicate that carotenoids arm the skin with a natural defence against the sun. The antioxidant is found primarily in yellow and orange veggies, which means throwing a tri-colour capsicum bag into your shopping trolley next time you’re at the supermarket is definitely in order.

water-flowers-drink-potReduce redness and inflammation with green tea

The Japanese know a thing or two about how to maintain a flawless complexion. Now, studies suggest that green tea could be one of their best kept secrets. Ultra-high in antioxidants like EGCG, green tea is incredibly effective at reducing redness and fighting inflammation. In fact, a recent peer-reviewed study confirmed that people who drank green tea daily for 12 weeks enjoyed skin that was smoother, more elastic and less sensitive to sun damage. And with so many fabulous flavours to choose from, getting your green tea fix has never been more exciting.

Heal your skin with oatmeal

Ever wondered why so many scrubs and moisturisers feature oatmeal? Not only do oats make a hearty bowl of porridge, but they also boast exceptional skin healing properties. They’re a coveted anti-inflammatory, and contain natural oils that actively coat, moisturise and protect the skin. For the best results opt for steel-cut oats, which are less processed than their refined counterparts.

Beat the signs of ageing with olive oil

olive oilDripping with monounsaturated fatty acids, olive oil is a rich source of antioxidants that help protect the skin from premature ageing. In fact, a recent study revealed that women consuming around two teaspoons of olive oil a day are 31% less likely to suffer from signs of premature ageing.

See, it really isn’t that hard to eat your way to a radiant complexion. So next time you’re at the shops, why not pick up a few of these items and start experimenting with deliciously edible ways to get your skin glowing.