Life Hack | When Winter Bites – Bite Right Back!

When Winter Bites – Bite Right Back!

The last weeks of winter are often the coldest, but when the big chill hits hardest, it’s time to bite right back! Check out the following timely reminders and cunning new ploys to keep you warm, active, and up and at’em until the warmer weather arrives!

Help your heat pump

Heat pumps work longer and harder in colder weather.

  1. Clean out filters weekly to reduce wear and tear on the appliance, improve efficiency, and reduce the power bill.

Blind obedience

Actively work your blinds and drapes to the max.

  1. Open window coverings as soon as the sun hits the glass. Close them just before dusk to trap in existing warmth.
  2. Curtains that come right to floor level lock in more heat than shorter curtains. Pelmets further help to prevent heat loss.
  3. When installing blinds, hang them so they fit snugly against the frame, and leave no gaps around the edges. Always choose thermal fabric blinds.

Deal to damp

  1. Put paid to mould by installing moisture absorbers in wardrobes, storage cupboards and sealed containers.
  2. If you don’t have a garage or porch, drip dry rain wear in the shower or over the bath.
  3. Always close the door behind you as you exit the bathroom after showering – it prevents moisture entering the rest of your home.
  4. Simmer – don’t boil! Boiling pots contribute masses of moisture to the air. So do electric jugs and kettles with faulty cut-off switches. Monitor moisture sources in the kitchen, and use your range hood during and after cooking.
  5. Opening windows and exterior doors at both ends of the house for ten minutes a day can reduce moisture build-up as effectively as actively running a dehumidifier.
  6. Overflowing spouting and downpipes can cause water to flow or pool under foundations, contributing to rising damp and cold floors. Check for blockages regularly.
  7. If you don’t have access to a garage or carport, help keep the interior of your vehicle damp-free by parking it in a spot that receives as much sun as possible. Where safe to do so, leave a front and back window open a crack to allow moisture to escape.

Warm up your sleep

  1. For safety’s sake, sleeping with a hot water bottle in the bed isn’t a good idea. Nor is leaving an electric blanket on through the night. Once your bed is warm, oust the hottie and turn off the blanket. Retain the heat with layers of lighter covers on top of the sheets to trap the warmth, then a heavier cover on top to hold it in.
  2. Feeling the cold at night, even when there’s adequate coverings on the bed? Try wearing a soft hat to bed (40-45% of body heat is lost through the head).

Up and at’em!

  1. Beat the blues with a regular rising time on winter mornings. It’s achievable when you set a timer to turn on your bedroom fan heater for ten minutes before the time you usually get out of bed.
  2. Choose the next day’s fresh clothing before you go to bed, and leave it in the hot water cupboard overnight so it’s cosy to put on. Alternatively, pop your clothing in the drier for a few minutes to warm up.

Dehumidifier low-down

  1. Dehumidifiers can work wonders to remove moisture from homes and help keep rooms warmer – but only when you know how to use them. Dehumidifiers are designed to work well at temperatures above 20degC. If room temperatures are 15degC or lower, you’re simply wasting power by running the appliance.
  2. Don’t place a dehumidifier outside a bathroom. As soon as the door is left open, the appliance will quickly draw moisture into the rest of the house.

Each winter-fighting move is worth the effort – and before you know it, spring will be just around the corner!