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Apartment Investing the changing face of investing

Grant Hoey – Apartment Master, has been a property investor for over 25 years and with that seen many ups and downs of the market. That coupled with his qualification in financial planning and 12 years’ experience mentoring clients makes him a market leader and someone worth taking note of if you are thinking of investing in Auckland apartments.

Grant talked in detail at his annual event on Sunday of the importance of knowing your market. He himself spent 6 months learning the intricacies of the Auckland apartment market before making his first purchase. It is important to know the value of what you are buying.

In the past investors have shied away from apartments. As New Zealanders we have always loved owning property but often can’t get our head around owning apartments which typically have a small floor size and are governed by a body corporate. We are accustomed to free-standing quarter acre properties in the suburbs. Times have changed and with shortage of residential property apartments are an ideal solution.

Many people these days choose to live in central Auckland. Students, of course, have long lived in the city, but now we have professionals who want the city lifestyle; families who want more leisure time by not having homes to maintain and long commutes; and retirees who want to downsize. Auckland city has grown massively in popularity as a place to live.

People often wonder if the market has peaked and a property down turn is imminent. It was great to have Tony Alexander, Chief BNZ Economist, speak at Grant’s event and share his thoughts on this. Tony concluded the current prices are here to stay. The factors what would need to be present to cause property prices to drop don’t exist and are not likely to in the foreseeable future.
There is a significant and growing housing shortage. This is particularly evident in Auckland where the population is growing by 800 people per day. Building constraints mean it is not possible to keep up with this demand. There are high costs associated with developing and building; plus, there is a shortage of skilled labour to carry out new construction. Perhaps investing in Auckland Apartments is something to consider.

Each year Grant forms an exclusive group of people who wish to work under his guidance to invest in Auckland apartments. Grant gets great pleasure helping others on their path to success. Here are some examples of deals Grant’s clients have done.

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