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Invest in A Commercial Property Syndicate

Dunedin is one of New Zealand’s strongest property markets with commercial property in high demand. Our latest syndication presents investors with an excellent commercial opportunity – A sound property in a prime location, with a stable tenant and a strong yield.

Sound Property

Built in 1989, this property is a single level 755m2 office complex on a 1763m2 site. The property includes 22 carparks and has a seismic rating of A, and a 100% New Building Standard rating (report produced in February 2016).

Prime Location

The site is prominently situated on a corner site in downtown Dunedin – less than a kilometer from the Octagon. Dunedin property values have seen consistent strong growth, and demand remains high for all property types with the development at the University of Otago and construction of the $1.4 billion dollar New Dunedin Hospital continuing to put pressure on the supply of commercial property.

Stable Tenant

The Government tenant is the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) who have been the sole tenant for over 30 years. The current lease is due for renewal 30 June 2022.

Strong Yield

This investment is offering a projected pre-tax cash return of 8.0% per annum, paid quarterly, not including additional income from any increase in the property value over time. We are offering 13 units for purchase at $100,000 per unit, with incremental investment in $50,000 lots. This offer closes Monday 26 August 2019, with settlement on Monday 2 September 2019.

About Erskine + Owen

This syndication is presented by Erskine + Owen, a property investment company who have been helping clients achieve passive income and generate equity growth in New Zealand for over 10 years. Syndication offerings like this allow investment in the commercial property market through pooling resources together with other investors – giving access to potentially higher value, yield and growth properties.

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If you have any questions regarding this opportunity or would like to receive a comprehensive Information Memorandum on this opportunity contact Toby Hunn on +64 27 574 8477 or email

Please note: To invest in this property syndication, you will need to qualify as a wholesale investor. If you are unsure about what this means, please contact us for more information.