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Food, Wine & Beverages

Fish ‘n’ No Chips

As we all know there are fish and chips and fish and chips. But fish is such a delicious, versatile and healthy food that it deserves so much more respect and care when it is prepared or cooked.

Fowl weather

If ever there was a day for comfort food where we live on Wellington's south coast, it was last Thursday.

Thoughts for Food

Our cat Parker is a greedy little fellow, always with his paw out for something to eat. The thing that surprises us is that he never gets bored, as we would if we ate the same thing day after day.

Kitchen Serendipity

Much as I enjoy browsing round food stores there are times when I don't feel like going out to shop. On those days I have a look to see what's in the pantry, fridge or freezer and have fun putting together a serendipitous meal

Just Like Mama Used to Make

Nowadays people have a better idea of what Italian food should be, although sadly, to many it's still just pasta and pizza but with good Italian cooking, all roads lead to home.

The Comforts of Autumn

With the smell of wood smoke on the night air and the first misty chill of oncoming winter, my appetite turns to the warming, comforting and hearty dishes that keep the cold months at bay.

Three Square Meals A Day?

Getting three home-cooked meals a day into our grandchildren seems like an impossible goal given today's pace of life. Yet children's need for good, nourishing food remains a constant.