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The Clack of the Keys

The newspaper paragraph that slayed me lately was the one in which writer and satirist P J O'Rourke admitted to not being able to "work a computer".

To Smash a Stereotype

Quentin Crisp once said: "The young always have the same problem - how to rebel and conform at the same time. They have now solved this by defying their parents and copying one another."

Puddings, Glorious Puddings

You know how it is when the friendly waitperson offers the dessert menu - and everyone hesitates? No-one wants to be first to mutter, "Oh, go on then", even if you are secretly hanging out for crème brûlée or chocolate mud cake. Or pudding. Yay, pudding!

Where Is The Tree?

This is being written just hours before the wrappers come off the plan that will amalgamate the various councils in greater Auckland into a single unit - the so-called "Super-City".

A Lap of the North Island (Part Two)

After several delays, I finally roared out of Auckland around 12:30 on a Wednesday afternoon and sneaked back in at 8:15 the following Monday evening. I'd had five and a half days on the road, covered 4,500km and had the time of my life.

I Am Still Alive

There is a very real possibility that before I get this column completed, the 30-second-attention-span New Zealand news media will have found something else, other than Shane Jones, to go into a state of terminal hysteria over