Your Guide to Freeview® and MyFreeview®

9857 Freeview Logos
9857 Freeview Logos

Freeview is the digital replacement for analogue TV and a fantastic way to enjoy your favourite channels in digital quality without monthly fees.

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There are 2 different types of Freeview available: Freeview|HD® & Freeview Satellite® – please see here for more information.

How Can I Record Programmes? MyFreeview is Your Answer!

MyFreeview is the modern digital replacement for your VCR, analogue DVD or HDD recorder.

After the Digital Switch Over , you can still use those to watch what you've recorded previously; however a MyFreeview digital recorder is your best option to record programmes once we've gone digital!

MyFreeview features:

  • Record entire series at the touch of a button
  • Record a show while watching another
  • Record 2 channels at the same time while watching a recording
  • Pause live TV
  • Record in HD on Freeview|HD
  • Audio Description service

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Watch Out!

Look for these logos on devices / packaging to know that they are tested and Freeview-approved, so you can enjoy the full benefits of Freeview:

Freeview Logos

  • Automatically scans & adds new channels
  • Able to access Freeview interactive services – via broadband connection – as these become available
  • Receives over-the-air software upgrades, keeping your device current
  • Parental control(s)
  • Warranty / service guarantee and support

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Where Do I Buy Freeview Approved Devices?

Freeview doesn't make, sell or install any equipment.

The best place to get Freeview Approved equipment (including MyFreeview) is a Freeview Accredited Retailer.

Some offer set-up & tuning services, please enquire in-store & check service charges as well as finance options available.

How Do I Set It Up?

If you already have a satellite dish or UHF aerial, it's generally easy.

You'll find instructions included with Freeview Approved devices – please follow those and watch the Freeview set up videos for general guidance.

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If you don't have the necessary dish or aerial, it may be best to contact an installer – such as Clearvision (nationwide Freeview Accredited Installer) – for a quote.

Complete installation package (which includes the compatible Freeview Approved devices) & finance are available, for payment terms & conditions, please contact Clearvision directly.

And That's It!

Once the right equipment is correctly installed, Freeview is yours to enjoy – for years to come – all for free!

You can look ahead with the 8-day official Freeview guide (EPG) to see what's on – for free!

Get independent advice on – again, it's free!

For more information: