Madman May DVD Releases

9874 River Cottage Road Trip
9874 River Cottage Road Trip

This month we celebrate a fantastic milestone with National Geographic achieving 125 years of discovery and intriguing documentaries. We also delve into a striking French drama set on the wonderful Saint-Émilion Chateau and vineyard. If that's not quite your thing, then we've also got a documentary chronicling the worst man-made ecological disaster in American history, and two roadtrip/runaway features; one British, one American. We hope you enjoy them all!

You Will Be My Son

Blood is thicker than wine.
You Will Be My Son
Niels Arestrup stars as Paul de Marseul, a prestigious wine-maker and owner of a renowned chateau and vineyard in Saint-Émilion, who is disheartened by the notion of his son Martin taking over the family business. Martin does not seem to have inherited the qualities that Paul esteems in a wine-maker: persistence, creative insight and technical prowess matched with passion for the job and the product, and Paul frequently reminds him of this, whether explicitly or in subtle gestures. When another young man, Philippe, appears at the vineyard, Paul leaps at the chance to name him as his successor, a decision which brings catastrophic familial tensions.

* * *

Just Like a Woman

Just Like a WomanAs they run from their past, they find their future.

Marilyn and Mona travel across the United States. One of them wants to make her dream come true and become a professional belly dancer, while the other one tries to run away from the police. As they grow closer together, the bonds of their friendship are about to couple their destinies, changing their lives forever.

Directed by Oscar nominee Rachid Bouchareb, JUST LIKE A WOMAN stars Sienna Miller (GI JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA, ALFIE) in a sexy, spirited role.

* * *

National Geographic: 125th Anniversary Collection

Celebrating 125 Years Of Our World.

Since 1888, National Geographic has been at the forefront of scientific and cultural exploration and in 2013, the National Geographic Society celebrates 125 years of 'Inspiring people to care about the planet'. In this special commemorative release, take a look back at some of the most memorable subjects and explorers that have helped shape our understanding of the world in which we live.

125th Anniversary Special on Exploration (2012)
125 Years of National GeographicIncredible Human Machine (2007)
Search for the Afghan Girl (2002)
Australia: The Timeless Land (1969)
Jane Goodall: Among The Wild Chimpanzees (1984)
Dr. Leakey and the Dawn of Man (1966)
Easter Island Enigma (2012)
The Forbidden Tomb of Genghis Kahn (2011)
Lost Mummies of Papua New Guinea (2010)
Lost Gospel of Judas (2006)
Save The Titanic With Bob Ballard (2011)
24 Hours After: Asteroid Impact (2009)

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The Dust Bowl

The Dust BowlChronicles the worst man-made ecological disaster in American history.

THE DUST BOWL chronicles the worst man-made ecological disaster in American history, in which the frenzied wheat boom of the "Great Plow-Up," followed by a decade-long drought during the 1930s nearly swept away the breadbasket of the nation. Vivid interviews with twenty-six survivors of those hard times, combined with dramatic photographs and seldom seen movie footage, bring to life stories of incredible human suffering and equally incredible human perseverance.

* * *

River Cottage Road TripRiver Cottage Road Trip

Experience the joys, scenery and taste of country living with popular chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in these specials – new to DVD.

With another busy summer over at River Cottage, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall decides to explore new territory, leaving his business behind and heading north in search of culinary inspiration and some regional recipes that he can take back home.

His journey starts in Dumfrieshire, Scotland where he learns how to make Haggis. It's only natural that he should also take part in the bizarre local tradition of Haggis hunting. In Cumbria he shoots his first teal and barbeques it for lunch with a kebab of its heart and kidney.

Then, in exchange for a lakeside tepee pitch in the Lake District, he agrees to cook a lakeside ingredient-based feast for the revellers of the Coniston Water Festival.