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Going for a Walk

I was in the Nissan Pathfinder, i-Pod plugged in, listening to some vintage rock and roll, minding my own business and trying to work out how many times I had driven this route in the past two years when I saw this sight - almost an apparition really.

Going to the Toilet

This is unpleasant, but someone's gotta say it! There's a growing wave of resentment from a lot of well-meaning people directed at freedom camping.

Write Your Life Story (The Video)

I'm having such fun online with a cool tool you can find at www.animoto.com All you do is gather some pictures and brief video clips, add some text, choose a background theme, pick some music, arrange it all in the order you want, and send it to Animoto.

Taking It Easy

I have just spent a week - or should that be weak? - on the road, keeping pretty exalted company.

Oamaru, Seal Pups and Human Behaviour

I was a bit premature in my last column when I claimed that I was now resident in Oamaru. I am, in fact, partly resident. Work on my two magazines is keeping me chained to Auckland longer than I had thought and I'm only in Oamaru maybe 2 weeks each month.