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Instant Outdoor Entertaining this Summer!

Summer is the time for outdoor entertaining – which is why you’ll want your section to shine! No matter what you have at your disposal, present it at its best, and build it into all your entertaining treats using these 5 great tips.

Remarkable Ruapehu’s Must-Dos

In the heart of the North Island, the diverse Ruapehu region is home to two national parks – Tongariro and Whanganui – along with many other amazing natural places. Awe-inspiring outdoor activities, captivating history and unique visitor attractions make it a memorable holiday destination everyone will love.

8 Ways to Save Water

When water restrictions hit, it can be heart-breaking to watch our gardens thirst, and the ground crack – yet it doesn’t have to be that way, even in the driest regions. Test drive these 8 ways to save water in the garden, and protect your precious plants from drought!

Creating Mindfullness

To live mindfully in life is ‘to live in the present moment’, rather than dwelling on the past or anticipating the future. Becoming mindful enhances your resilience and your overall happiness in life. 

Snack Smarter

Not all snacks are created equal, and I think that’s why, for so long, snacking got such a bad rap. Traditionally, snacking meant something from a packet that was highly processed and refined, and most likely laden with sugars, seed oils and fillers I can’t even pronounce. So, knowing how to snack smart can make a huge difference to your health and wellness journey. And here’s how.