Why coach travel is the safest and most responsible way to tour the world

Dreaming and planning your next travel adventure? You’ve probably chosen your destination, your activities, or even what you are going to pack… But have you thought about how to get around? From planes, Trains, Cars and Boats, you’ve got plenty of Choices. What’s the safest and most responsible way to go? GrownUps Holidays travel partner Trafalgar’s custom luxury coaches are not only super comfy, roomy, and reliable – they’re also the very best way to travel, for you and the planet. Read on to see why you should choose a guided coach travel experience on your next trip. 

Is coach travel safe? 

We’re all thinking about how to look after our health and wellbeing on our future holidays – and that includes how to stay safe on Coach Holidays. At Trafalgar, they’ve introduced heightened hygiene practices and physical distancing* measures on all their coaches to guarantee the wellbeing of guests and our Team. Here are all the ways we’re making Trafalgar’s coaches safer for our guests: 

Sanitised coaches 

Trafalgar have always sanitised our custom luxury coaches before the start of a trip. Now, their coach hygiene practices are even stricter, following guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and government regulations. Their Drivers are following the latest hygiene protocols and they clean and disinfect the coaches each day. Including all surfaces in the coach, like seats, handrails, door handles, tables, overhead lockers, and air-conditioning filters. 

Physical distancing* procedures 

They have altered our group sizes in accordance with government distancing requirements. Travellers are guaranteed to have their own personal space on Trafalgar’s luxury coaches during a trip.  

Hygiene equipment for guests 

Trafalgar have hand sanitiser always available onboard all our coaches for guests to use. While they ask that travellers bring their own face masks and hygiene products, they also have supply of face masks, antiviral wipes and spray, and rubber gloves available for guests on all trips. 

Expertly trained drivers and Travel Directors 

All Trafalgar’s drivers and Travel Directors are highly trained in strict hygienic travel and physical distancing procedures. Travellers will see them advising and ensuring that high standards of hygiene are maintained during your trip. They have also trained our teams to follow procedures if any unexpected situations arise.  

Is coach travel green and responsible? 

Coach travel isn’t just better for you – it’s also better for the environment. As the effects of climate change continue to impact our lives, more people are considering environmentally friendly travel. We know that increasing greenhouse gas emissions are linked to climate change and that transport like aeroplanes and cars have a large carbon footprint.  

So what is the most eco-friendly way to travel and reduce your carbon footprint? The answer is guided coach tours; where a larger group of people travel on one greener vehicle, as opposed to many vehicles. The average coach journey produces 0.04 tonnes per 1,000 miles, compared to the average car which would produce 0.29 tonnes of CO2 per 1,000 miles. Travelling with a group coach tour can also be greener than trains when travelling domestically, as national rail services create 0.07 tonnes of CO2 per 1,000 miles per passenger. 

Article in partnership with Trafalgar.

*Excludes trips currently operating throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

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