What to buy at the 5 best European Christmas markets

Photo by Stephen Doyne on Unsplash

The Holiday season may look different for us all around the world but our ability to give gifts and show our love to our friends and family is not being taken away. The best gifts have a story to tell and while we may not be able to travel as easily this year, planning a trip helps to boost our moods and fill our spirits with joy so why not give the gift of travel for 2022 and beyond? Next year, if you choose to visit a Christmas market, consider picking up these customary gifts from these seven European Markets. 


Krakow becomes a stunning winter wonderland as travellers explore the historic streets lined with snow-covered homes. Located on the Main Market Square in the Old Town’s centre, Krakow’s Christmas Markets offers traditional treats, gifts and more. Bringing the city’s atmosphere to a new level. What gifts are the best to buy and bring home? The Polish Ministry of Culture has designated the Kaszubka dolls as Poland’s national item. You’ll find these little creations dressed in colourful folk clothes and handmade by the local artisans. GrownUps Holidays travel partner Insight Vacations, offer a enjoyable winter escape, Christmas Markets of Poland, Prague & Germany. Stopping in Krakow where you can take some time to visit the delightful Christmas markets. Experience the Nativity Crib contest, where locals who have spent months creating their art displays. The winners are shown in Krakow’s Historical Museum. 

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Photo by Stephen Doyne on Unsplash


Leipzig are one of the most gorgeous markets in Germany. It’s surrounded by 250 stalls located within the city’s legendary market square. Leipzig’s market is special as it uses an international approach to its “theme,” while other towns in Germany typically include a medieval market theme. Usually, you can pick up handcrafted Glühwein mugs (for mulled wine). Or because the market is closely situated to the Ore Mountains, you can grab a wooden Christmas pyramid or candle arch to signify the Leipzig region. GrownUps Holidays travel partner Insight Vacations, offer a  Christmas Markets of Germany tour. You’ll be guided throughout the market to enjoy local customs and celebrations as you search for your gifts to bring back home. 


Strasbourg is enchanting at Christmas, full of lights, wreaths, and spectacular ornaments. They say the Christmas market in Strasbourg has an extra touch of special as it represents a historical time when Germany once ruled the area. There are 300 stalls throughout the city, and you will find treasures for anyone on your Christmas shopping list. At the Christmas market at Place Broglie, you’ll find traditional Alsatian Christmas decorations so add these to your shopping list to represent a truly unique region when you return home. There’s also Nut’Alsace, which is just like Nutella! A visit to France is included on GrownUps Holidays travel partner Insight Vacations’ brand new, exciting Alpine Christmas Markets holiday where you will stop at this fabulous Christmas market. 

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This is one of the world’s oldest Advent markets which dates back to the fifteenth century, visiting Salzburg during Christmas will mark a truly special occasion. You’ll find around 100 traditional stands as you stroll through and warm up with a cup of Glühwein, treat yourself to Kletzenbrot, traditional Austrian bread with fruit and admire the many crafts the stalls have to offer. One gift you can’t miss is Mozart Balls. Wrapped in foil, these traditional Austrian sweets feature the renowned composer’s face and contain a marzipan centre covered in chocolate. Visit Salzburg and experience Europe’s Christmas markets. GrownUps Holidays travel partner Insight Vacations’ NEWChristmas Markets of Croatia, Slovenia & Austria tour. 

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Zurich holds a Christmas market for every taste and guarantees every visitor will find what they are looking for. Some may visit the oldest Christmas market in the delightful Old Town (Niederdorf) or maybe visit the Christkindlimarkt next to the Zurich Main Train Station, near the 49-foot grand Christmas tree with more than 7,000 crystal ornaments, or even the “Wienachtsdorf” Christmas village on Sechseläutenplatz near Bellevue. Christmas markets in Zurich are full of locally sourced designer and artisanal goods and feature a diverse range of cuisine. GrownUps Holidays travel partner Insight Vacations has an enchanted journey, Magical Switzerland, amongst the Swiss alps with a stop in Zurich, offering guests a look at the amazing  three-story Christmas tree and time to explore the Christmas market. For the ultimate foodie in your life, be sure to find a Swiss fondue set to take home as a gift.  

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