Top 5 Experiences in Tasmania

Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Tasmania

Tasmania is an idyllic holiday destination rich in history and unique wildlife and wilderness.  It is an untamed natural paradise at the remote edge of the earth.  It’s a land of hidden valleys, prehistoric rainforest and craggy coastlines that reveal testaments to an ancient past.  Not only is it the home to one of the most beautiful beach lined coasts in the world. But also World Heritage-listed mountains, national parks, and sites of historic and cultural significance. Tasmania is an island filled with natural wonder, from the vivid hues of the Southern Lights to the tantrums of the Tasmanian devil.

From New Zealand, Tasmania is easily accessible destination with Air New Zealand servicing it several times a week. With so many things to do in Tasmania, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect holiday.  Here are our top five must-sees.

1.    Salamanca Market, Battery Point

Take in the tastes of Salamanca Market every Saturday from 8:30am to 3pm. With tempting truffles and sneaky Hobart tipples, it is no surprise it is one of Tasmania’s most popular attractions. This vibrant meeting point of over 300 makers and creators embraces the culture and welcoming nature of Hobart locals. Fall in love with the characters, crafts, and divine produce, tasting your way through the stalls while listening to the buskers of the laneways.

1. Salamanca Market resize

Tasting fresh oysters at Salamanca Markets.

2.    Tasmania’s Wildlife and National Parks

Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park, is an absolute must-see and is one of Tasmania’s most iconic sights. With a diverse landscape of grassland and rugged wilderness of ancient flora and fauna, the park is rich in wildlife and the perfect wombat-spotting country. In the heart of the park with the most picturesque backdrop is the crystal-clear Dove Lake. This jewel is the starting point of one of the state’s premier walks best experienced with an expert guide and a visit to the Waldheim Chalet where you can hear the famous love story of the mountain.

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Magnificent Cradle Mountain | Image credit Tourism Tasmania and Jason Charles Hill

3.    Fields of purple at Bridestowe Lavender Estate

Stunning fields of lavender outside of Europe may come as a surprise to some, but Tasmania has similar climate conditions to the Lavender regions of Provence, France. In 1921, London Perfumer grew the first lavender flowers from a modest pocket of seeds obtained from the French Alps. Today, Bridestowe Lavender Estate is recognised as the world’s largest privately-owned lavender farm. Wander down the fields taking colourful photos, which are best captured in the mid-summer months when the lavender is in full bloom. Try a lavender latte at the café, or have a spot of afternoon tea, complimented with a blueberry and lavender jam scone.

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Venture through the purple fields at Bridestowe Lavender Estate in Tasmania

4.    Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park

When visiting Tasmania, you cannot leave Freycinet off your list. This stunning curve of coastline hosts one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Wineglass Bay. The perfect setting to view the contrast of the pristine white sand against the deep turquoise waters is the lookout which gives you panoramic views of Freycinet National Park. If you love a brisk walk-through coastal woodland, don’t miss this highlight, a worthwhile reward for the effort of an incline. End your day at sunset on Freycinet Lodge’s deck with some Tasmanian bubbles. Or dip your tired feet in the water at the very tiny but strikingly beautiful Honeymoon Bay.

4. Freycinet Lodge sunset resize

Sunset drinks at Freycinet Lodge

5.    New growth from a dark past in Port Arthur

Well known for its history as a place of hardship and sad stories of convicts meeting tragic ends, Port Arthur is one of Australia’s most well-known World Heritage-listed Historic Sites. The unsuspected beauty of this walk-through time is the blooming colonial gardens on the grounds where 1830s oak and elm trees still stand tall today. Take in the scents and colours of these paths, where bulbs and cuttings were shipped on an eight-month journey from England by passionate horticulturists, bringing floral colours to a dark place.

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5. Mandatory credit Tourism Tasmania and Lynette Graham

Port Arthur | Image Credit Tourism Tasmania and Lynette Graham

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