Never Too Many Lists


close up of pin and to do list word on sticky note with cork board as concept

A list is a traveller’s best friend. Before you depart, it ensures t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted. It means nothing crucial is left out of a suitcase, it means that your home is safe and secure while you are away.

Whether on paper, in a diary, or on your smartphone, here are some of the lists you may need to make before you travel:


1. A list of experts to talk to.

Information is power. No question is ever wasted when it comes to travel planning. Your travel agent is obviously a mine of useful information. They can seek out great deals, know the practical shortcuts and have plenty of local knowledge.

The same is true when it comes to insurance. Your travel insurance advisor is the specialist. Talk to them to confirm the finer details of your cover. They are there to help trouble-shoot, prevent issues, provide insight and offer practical help if unwanted situations occur. Perhaps more so than any other form of insurance, travel insurance is designed to accommodate many unusual circumstances.

Talk to your GP – make sure your vaccinations are up to date for the country or countries you are visiting and that you are set up with regular medications to take with you. If you have a specialist condition, you may require additional checkups or support. Allow plenty of time before departure to make plans.

2. A list of important numbers and documents.

If you have someone looking after your home or pets while you are away, leave them a detailed list, in case they have to deal with an issue immediately (i.e. plumber, electrician, vet, alarm company). Due to international reception and time differences, it is not always practical for helpers to call you for the information!

While you’re making a home list, include all the jobs that need doing – cancel the newspaper subscription, water the plants, adjust the timer for lights, set the alarm etc.

3. A list of what to take

Look at your itinerary carefully – are you changing seasons? Will you need smart clothes? What is your baggage allowance? Plan before you pack, to maximise space and minimise errors! This will help you remember extra memory cards, chargers, and creature comforts.

4. A list of what you want to buy or experience

Budgeting is important. If you like to return home with gifts and mementoes, keep track of who you are buying for and what you’d like to spend. A plan should alleviate last minute panic buying, and help keep the budget under control.

It’s also easy when you are presented with limited time in an amazing place, to miss some of the key attractions by getting a bit over excited! Plan the absolute ‘must-sees’ and what you’d like to see if you have extra time, so that you get the most from your holiday.

The more you plan, the smoother your travel should proceed. Invest time in seeking the best information and advice.