Hobby holidays

Follow your passion on holiday – take a hobby holiday. Immerse yourself in something that has always interested you, or spend time investigating a life-long hobby. Search out locations around the globe famous for your area of interest and plan your next adventure there!

Hobby holidays can be enjoyed as an individual, a couple, a tour or with a couple of dear friends. Whether you are only taking carry-on luggage or several suitcases full of gadgets, discuss your trip in depth with your travel advisor, to ensure you and your belongings arrive together, and are well covered in unforeseen circumstances.

Music – be it classical, modern or live festivals that inspire you, music is universal. Visit the home of your favourite composer, enjoy a concert in an historic venue or follow your favourite band on tour.

Get crafty – learn to weave in Morocco, cross stitch your way around the UK or learn the finer points of tailoring in Thailand – there’s no better way to learn than from the experts!

Click like crazy – book a tour with a professional photographer – learn the finer points of taking a great shot in a spectacular location. With a beautiful backdrop and a good teacher – you can’t lose!

Gourmet on the go – food tours are all the rage – what better way to immerse yourself in a new culture – France, India or Italy anyone? From food stalls to cooking classes, there is so much to sample and learn. With food, there is nearly always an accompanying beverage, for cooling purposes – or you could do a wine tour and enjoy the food on the side..?

An eye for beauty – art and architecture lovers are rarely stuck for entertainment overseas. The older the country, the richer the history. Even those who don’t consider themselves ‘arty’ can appreciate immense talent – this is a great hobby holiday to start with.

Language trips – immersion in another language is the best way to learn and practice.

Sport – cycling, fishing, surfing, yoga, hiking, hot air ballooning, scuba diving, camel or horse riding or long distance running – you name it, there is a destination ideally suited. Get some exercise and inspiration at the same time!

Gardening – art, history, sport and photography can all combine if you are a gardening enthusiast. Many public gardens are enormous and absolutely fascinating for all ages.