Budget eats in hawker centres, Singapore

Maxwell food centre

Budget conscious travellers might avoid Singapore due to its reputation for being one of the more expensive places in Asia. While there’s plenty of high end activities to enjoy, here’s a tip for how to enjoy Singapore and some of its amazing food without breaking the bank.

The trick is to eat in the food courts – also known as hawker centres. Now, the word ‘food court’ may bring to mind images of unappealing, bland food. But that’s not the case in Singaporean hawker centres, where you can try a range of delicious, exciting dishes, sometimes costing only a few dollars.

One of the best things about hawker centres is the huge range of dishes on offer. You could try hokkien mee, a popular fried noodle dish with egg and seafood or perhaps crispy oyster omelette. With Chinese, Malay and Indian food so readily available, you’re bound to find something to please everyone.


Maxwell Food Centre
Maxwell Food Centre


You shouldn’t have to go too far out of your way to find a good hawker centre. If you plan to spend the morning in Chinatown exploring the markets and temples, Maxwell Road Food Centre could be the perfect place for a quick lunch. Or perhaps you want to take in the vibrant atmosphere of Little India? There’s a hawker centre conveniently located in the Tekka Centre.

If you’re already planning on taking in the city views on the Singapore Flyer, why not visit the retro hawker centre located directly underneath the Flyer complex? Celebrating Hawker Centre history, the stalls have a 1960s theme and offer authentic Singaporean food in comfort.

Wherever you go, you’ll certainly find some great food options. If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in Singapore, why not try experiencing local culture and scoring yourself a culinary bargain at the same time?

Have you travelled to Singapore? I’d love to hear your favourite dish in the comments.