Cruise Back Into Travel On The Rhine, Main and Danube

Central Europe makes for a classic river cruising journey, which finds its best iteration with GrownUps Holidays travel partner Uniworld. Their floating boutique hotels, each a reflection of the rivers and regions through which they sail, help you make the most of these incredible destinations with delicious, locally inspired cuisine sourced from nearby farmers, a variety of immersive onshore experiences and a crew passionate about giving you an experience to remember.

The Rhine

The longest river in Germany, the Rhine extends to flow through Switzerland, France and the Netherlands as well. Sailing along the Rhine is as blissful as it gets, characterized by quaint villages, plenty of vineyards and the hundreds of castles dotting its hills.

The Main

Connecting the Rhine and the Danube, the Main cuts across Germany to link many of its most enticing locales, from the big cities to the storybook-esque towns. For travellers looking to visit the quintessential Christmas Markets this year, this is the river you won’t want to miss.

The Danube

Home to charming Bavarian towns, the scenic Wachau Valley and the show stopping cities of Eastern Europe, it’s difficult to pick our favourite part of our Danube river cruises. Sailing into Budapest with the reflection of the famed Parliament building on the water, might just take the cake.

GrownUps Holidays travel partner Uniworld offers a range of luxury river cruises throughout Europe. For more information on Uniworld boutique river cruises please contact GrownUps Holidays on 0800 842 685.