Trip Planning

traveler list close-up

traveler list close-up

Going on an overseas trip is an adventure, but sometimes the details can cause a bit of consternation. All too often, people arrive at the airport without something crucial, or realise their passport is about to expire with barely enough time to renew it. Not only is this stressful, it can even cause cancellations and delays.

As we are a helpful bunch here at GrownUps, we have put together a bit of a travel timeline, to help you travel with ease, and remember all the important details.

A month before travel:

  • Confirm tickets and ensure connection times are realistic
  • Check for any visas required and make sure they are in order
  • Have any necessary medical checks or vaccinations (this includes arranging medical documentation if you travel with medication, and having extra prescriptions filled)
  • Book accommodation and car rentals
  • Check any specialist gear you are taking needs permits or special transportation, and that it is clean and in good working order
  • Arrange house or pet care

A week before travel:

  • Buy currency – New Zealand is very ‘plastic friendly,’ but not all countries are – it is a good idea to have some local currency for when you arrive for taxis and incidentals
  • Buy travel insurance – even if you are only away for a short time, it is essential. If any travel plans change, make sure you update your insurance as well
  • Download maps on to your phone of the area you are travelling to, so you can refer to them quickly
  • Check with your phone provider about roaming charges or organise a prepaid plan – it is more difficult than you think to go ‘off the grid’ entirely
  • Familiarise yourself with any local laws which may affect you – ignorance of the law is no excuse
  • Book or confirm transfers
  • Gather emergency contact information – you may like to know where the nearest embassy is, or local emergency numbers
  • Upload copies of travel documents or email them to yourself and to your emergency contact person in case you lose hard copies
  • Arrange travel-sized containers for toiletries and liquids
  • Check your security is up to date
  • Check the luggage you are taking is in good working order

The day before travel:

  • Check the weather at your destination, so you can pack your carry on luggage appropriately
  • Check in online if possible
  • Pack your suitcase – allow time to think through what you need, and try to pack light. Lay out outfits and try to take items that can be multi-use
  • Prepare the house – stock the fridge if people are staying to look after it, or clear it as much as possible if it is to be shut up.

On the day of travel:

  • Set out tickets, passport, keys, phone and money in one spot and don’t move it
  • Try to be well rested
  • Arrive at the airport in plenty of time
  • Eat something
  • Get excited!