Silver jetsetters spark adventure travel trend

karahunj, sisian, armenia
karahunj, sisian, armenia

Forget sun-drenched cruises and relaxing beach getaways. Over the past few years travel experts have noticed a seismic shift in over-50s embarking on adventure holidays. Proof that age is no obstacle when it comes to intrepid spirits, new research from the UK has revealed that silver jetsetters are now more likely to opt for trips that combine culture, comfort and off-the-beaten track experiences.

Destinations like Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are quickly earning a reputation with travellers aged 50+ and will continue to gain momentum as the demographic continues to seek out unique and adventure-driven holidays in 2019.

karahunj, sisian, armenia
Karahunj, Sisian, Armenia

The allure of Eurasia

Exploring lesser-known Eurasian states is also emerging as a popular new travel trend with over 50s. Armenia rewards curious travellers with dramatic mountain scenery and an incredible collection of ancient monasteries peppered across the country. Belarus charms visitors with a vibrant café culture and surprisingly chic cities like Minsk, Brest and Hrodna, while Mongolia has earned its stripes as a ‘final frontier’ destination that offers a unique chance to horseback ride through the barren wilderness, camp out in traditional felt yurts and experience the country’s nomadic culture and famous hospitality.

At the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, travellers flock to Georgia to discover ancient cave cities, admire magnificent cathedrals and of course, sip their way through one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Seeing the Northern Lights in Scandinavia is also a bucket list experience, with the romance of the trip appealing to travellers celebrating milestone wedding anniversaries and other special occasions.

Adventure in the Golden Years

British explorer and adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who at the age of 65 became the first person to have climbed Everest and traversed both polar ice-caps, says the intrepid travel trend comes as no surprise.

“Escaping the office to lie by a pool surrounded by other Brits has never appealed to me,” he says. “I can understand why young holidaymakers want to party or relax by a pool, but it is no surprise to me that – these days – my generation want more adventure from their holiday. We have time to explore and indulge the things we are passionate about, so adventure and new experiences are more important.”

Meanwhile, traditional and ‘easy to travel’ destinations like the US are losing the unswerving they once enjoyed, with some travellers admitting that president Donald Trump’s leadership actively deters them from travel to America.

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