Cornwall: The Eden Project

The Eden Project is one the most important and unique tourist attractions in Cornwall.

Article by Fred Ramsbottom

The Eden Project is one the most important and unique tourist attractions in Cornwall. It is a heaven for those who are experts or students of botany, or people who have any interest in the subject. Even for those who have not studied the subject, the sight of more than 5000 plant species of the world can be a remarkable experience.

The Eden Project in Cornwall is the greatest biome of the world, and has a massive greenhouse, which has different species of plants from all over the world. The Eden Project has a multi-domed structure, and these domes are connected with each other.

The project is playing a significant role as an environmental centre, and was opened for the general public in March 2001. More information about the Eden Project can be found by visiting the Eden Project website.

As soon as you arrive and pass through the entrance, you can see two biomes, one on your left and the other on the right. To the left is the Rainforest Biome and to the right is the Mediterranean Biome. Some of the tropical plants in the Rainforest Biome are bamboo, rubber, banana trees and coffee plants.

In the Mediterranean Biome, there are peppers, grape vines, citrus fruits, olives and aubergines. Both the Rainforest Biome and Mediterranean Biome are the Indoor Biomes. You'll find that there is another biome surrounding both the Indoor Biomes. This is the biome that represents the several temperates of America, Asia and Europe. There is a biome for each temperate. The local plants of Cornwall are kept in an open area called the Roofless Biome.

There is also a lake in front of the Rainforest Biome, which is used in summers for Eden sessions while in winters the lake is changed into a covered ice rink, hence making it one of the gifts of the Time of Gifts season. The Eden Project was established in Cornwall because it has a mild kind of climate, suitable for a large variety of plants. Other than this, another reason could be the passionate nature of the Cornish people when it comes to botany and gardens. This passion dates back to the Victorian era and has not changed.

When you go to Cornwall, there are hotels and accommodation facilities, which can give you quality service. There are not too many hotels, but the ones which are there are of good quality. There are luxury hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses and each of them is special and extraordinary in its own way.

One hotel within short distance of the Eden Project is the Fowey Hotel. For accommodation near the Eden Project, there is also the choice of Boscundle Manor, which is within a mile's distance from the Eden Project and provides quality service just like many of the other Cornwall hotels in the area.

Other than the Eden Project, there are many other places that are worth seeing in Cornwall, these include:

  1. Men-an-Tol
  2. St Mawes Castle
  3. Lanyon Quoit
  4. Tintagel Castle
  5. Truro Cathedral
  6. The Lizard Lighthouse
  7. Wheal Basset Stamps
  8. Porthcurno Telegraph Museum
  9. Carnglaze Caverns
  10. The Lost Gardens of Heligan
  11. Trevarno Estate & Gardens
  12. Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station

There are also many beaches from which you can make your choice.