Travel the world – without breaking the bank

Hassle-free, flexible holidays with Cosmos

Is your bucket list so long it gives the Nile a run for its money? Guilty of saying you’ll travel someday, just not today? The world is your oyster – and Cosmos can help you open the shell when adventure comes a-knocking.

They understand why you travel – that it’s not for the fancy chocolates on your pillowcases, but rather a new adventure every day without the extra frills and expense. With destinations in every corner of the world, guided must-see sights (secret ones, too), seamless itineraries and fun to boot – here’s how Cosmos can help your travel dreams come true.

Everything-you-need packages

Cosmos is hooked on travel for the way it makes you feel – while staying on budget. They specialise in packaged travel arrangements, taking care of all the little details – transportation, meals, accommodation, sights and sounds – so you can immerse yourself fully in your travel experience. With friends in local places all over the globe, you can be sure you’ll tick off your bucket list, and more!

Friendly tour directors and guides

Get under the skin of a new destination with people who know the place like the back of their hand. Easy-going, multilingual and adventure-loving, Cosmos tour directors and local guides will help you maximise your time by hitting all the trip high notes, providing tailored suggestions for your own adventures – while taking care of everything in between so you don’t miss a beat.

Easy-living travel

Why take the hard road – when the easy lane is wide open? Coach touring is a synonym for easy-living travel – so you can make the most of your travel dreams. Recline and relax with air-con and WiFi while rolling through green valleys and snow-capped mountains, enjoy comfy stays at affordable hotels, and tantalise your taste buds with delicious local cuisine.

 Freedom and flex

There are a dozen different ways to explore the pulsing heartbeat of cities, breath in crisp glacial air and discover untouched glistening coastlines – which is why Cosmos gives you the freedom and flex to dial it up or down. If you want to fit in as much as possible and you’re ravenous for adventure, grab an On-The-Go itinerary. Prefer to stop and smell the flowers? A Leisurely trip might be better suited. Cosmos’ trip scale will help you gauge the pace of a journey.

Turn your travel dreams into a reality and jump on board. Decide on where you’d like to go, what you want to see and how you’d like to travel – and then let Cosmos sort the rest. Visit the Cosmos website or get in touch by calling 0800 267 672.