Why you need solar now more than ever

Winter, keeping indoors, electricity price increases

It certainly is a new world! Most New Zealanders have been doing the right thing and staying home to protect themselves and each other. But having all Kiwis spending their days in their own neighbourhoods means more jugs boiling, more heat-pumps running and more dishwashers going throughout the day. As the cool weather takes hold, that could mean a shock when the first winter power bill appears. 

This new way of living and working also comes just as we head into the peak season for electrical use – winter – plus an imminent price increase from most power companies. With all of that adding up, it’s set to be a very expensive time as far as our power bills are concerned. 

Go solar with solarZero – a unique solar service with no upfront costs

But, there’s an alternative! With solarZero, you could side-step most of those expensive energy issues, while keeping your home warm and dry, even in the depths of winter. 

Keep energy costs down 

If you, like most Kiwis, are spending all your time at home, you’ll quickly see big jumps in your power bill, especially as we come into winter. Even simple things like running the heater for an hour or two longer each day can really add up. Having solarZero’s solar panels and a smart battery installed will help keep those costs down – and means you keep your home healthy and warm without worrying about getting a shock in the mail. Instead of using pricey grid power, you can use power generated by the sun – it can mean some pretty hefty savings. For example, on average solarZero customers save up to 30% on their power bills over the length of their service agreement.* On top of that, you’re guaranteed to save money on your power bills from your first year. 

Keep the lights on even through a power cut 

When you’re working from home, you don’t have the same resilience as you would in a big office building. If the power goes out, there are no generators to back you up. With a smart battery, like the one you get as part of the solarZero service setup, you’ll have your own energy stored and ready to use. The smart battery is really smart – you can learn more about how that works below.

Use grid power more cost-effectively

Your smart battery doesn’t just store the sun’s energy throughout the day, it also helps you better manage any grid power you might use. The smart battery tops up your solar energy by purchasing and storing low-cost grid power during off-peak times. That means you pay off-peak prices but can use the electricity whenever it suits you – so you can avoid paying those peak prices.

Sidestep power price hikes

Even while the government is working towards lowering customer pricing, Kiwis should expect change to prices increasing year on year. When you get solar installed, you take the power back and have greater control over your power bill! You get your own supply of energy, not one that’s controlled by power companies. When you sign up to solarZero you pay a low monthly fee and get any grid power you use at a net price-protected rate of 8c/kWh (plus GST, lines and network charges) through solarcity’s partner, Ecotricity. This protects you from increasing price changes in the fluctuating retail market. As market prices dip below 8c you pay less, but when they tip over 8c, you pay… 8c!

The easy way to get solar – solarZero

If you’ve looked into adding solar energy to power your home, you’ll know that buying the panels and the battery outright can be very expensive – you could expect to pay in the tens of thousands, and that doesn’t include a battery, which range anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000. And while lots of companies offer alternative (and confusing!) schemes, there’s one smart solar-as-a-service option that makes things simple: solarZero. The service means you can get solar panels and a smart battery installed at your home, without the upfront or ongoing maintenance costs. You simply pay a low monthly fee, which is fixed for the entire length of the agreement, as is the net price-protected rate for grid energy. The service includes regular maintenance, upgrades and repairs at no additional cost, and that smart battery, to ensure you have the energy you need. This gives you peace of mind that you’ll always have the energy you need, while keeping control of your costs. 

Meet the Fernandes family

With five people and a dog all in one home, the Fernandes family were seeing their power bills creep up and up. That’s when they discovered solarZero. Darryl Fernandes loves how ‘hands-off’ and easy the system is to use, but it’s the cost savings that have really impressed him. The service wouldn’t just help bring down their bills – with no set up costs – it’d let them lock in a monthly fee for 20 years. 

“What’s better than paying the same price for energy in 20 years as you pay today? Before solarZero our summer power bill was over $440. This summer it was $154 for the solarZero fee and grid charges,” says Darryl.

You can read more about the Fernandes family’s experience with solarZero here.

New Zealand’s most trusted solar company

solarZero is brought to you by solarcity, New Zealand’s oldest and best trusted solar company. Over 35+ years they’ve put more solar systems on Kiwi homes and businesses than any other company. They were the first solar company in the world to achieve Toitū carbonzero certification, and are still the only solar energy services business in NZ with that green credential. 

The company is passionate about creating a Grid for Good, one that protects our environment and the future of Kiwis as a connected community. It means you can trust that your contract will come with no hidden costs or loopholes – just immediate access to solar energy’s environmental and cost savings.  

*Average savings over the solarZero service agreement period of 20 years

Visit www.solarzero.co.nz to find out more