All aboard the Radius Princess Cruise

radius-princess-cruise-5With a full-time dedicated Activities Coordinator onboard, Radius Taupaki Gables in West Auckland is always looking for new and fun experiences so residents can continue to enjoy their passions while living in residential care.

A friendly family atmosphere is fostered between residents, families and the caring staff and the team is always brainstorming new ideas to keep residents upbeat, happy and active.

Recently they took residents on a cultural journey exploring different foods and traditions without the hassle of travelling half way around the world. The idea of a cultural ‘cruise’ around Southeast Asia was born and the facility was transformed into a different country each day for a week.

radius-princess-cruise-4Residents were transported to places like China, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia and India through the different foods, decorations, music and arts from each country. Each day they ‘docked’ the cruise at a new place and immersed themselves in the new culture.

Facility Manager Laurel and the Taupaki team worked incredibly hard to pull this off.  Staff were all on board dressing in colourful attire representing the different countries and also got involved with games and activities with the residents. Some of the staff at Radius Taupaki Gables come from the countries the cruise visited so they were excited to show residents a glimpse of their cultures.

Each day the kitchen would prepare wonderful cuisines from the traditional Southeast Asian cultures – chicken chow mein, bbq pork, korma curry, poppadums, sushi, satay, samosas, steam pork buns, tempura, egg tarts, meringue and Philippine cheese cake.

The Princess Cruise also had daily games to set the holiday mood, from chopstick coordination skills to beach volleyball to building life rafts from materials found around the facility/cruise ship.  A lot of laughs, good sportsmanship, competitiveness and all-round fun was had by all. Residents arrived back ‘home’ with plenty of photos and memories of their travels to share with friends and family. A great activity planned by the team at Radius Taupaki Gables.

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