How to Choose Your New Dog

How to Choose Your New Dog

How would you go about selecting a new dog as a pet? Would you get a mean looking attack dog? How about a member of the toy breeds? First, think about what you want to accomplish and give careful consideration to other members of the family. Your new dog will become a member of the family for many years.

Make sure you and your family are ready to make the commitment before you start looking. Is the dog for you or your children? Spend some time researching your options and discuss them with your family. Sometimes, people lose interest shortly after getting a dog and guess who suffers. Dogs can help pull a family together and give a sense of fulfilment. One of the most endearing things about dogs is their ability to forgive and offer their love, no matter what mood their human parents may be in.

Many people start with a puppy. A puppy is more sociable and adaptable and, you get to watch them grow! But, there are plenty of grown dogs available. Some, admittedly, have behavioural problems, others just outlived their owners and would make great companions. You need to decide whether you want a female or a male dog. There is not a lot of difference insofar as pet qualities there. If the female is not to have puppies later, she needs to be spayed. Otherwise, it is a problem trying to avoid male dogs later on. The male could be neutered, but he cannot sire puppies if this is done. Think about your options before making these decisions.

Different breeds have different temperaments. Some breeds are just too risky for children. You will find size really plays no part in temperament. Some large dogs are gentle and some smallThings to think about when choosing a new dog dogs run around wanting to challenge others. Even within the same litter, you can find differences in dogs. When you are looking at puppies to buy, observe whether the puppy is playful or overly timid. Have a look at the nature of the parents too and keep in mind, young puppies may not have been handled much.

Take some time to research the breeds you are looking at when selecting a new dog. See if you can find someone locally, who has the breed you are thinking of getting and spend some time with it and talking to the owners. Be certain you are going to have time to care for your new dog. Some breeds may need more exercise, training or special climate. For example, a Yorkshire terrier will take a lot of grooming because of their luxurious coat.

When selecting your new dog, you need to carefully consider the place or breeder you will purchase your dog from. If dealing with a breeder, be sure they are respectable and dedicated to the standard of breeding itself, and not just in it for the money. Some breeders truly care about their dogs, while others don’t, and this means the puppy may not be socialized, or might have been treated roughly or poorly. A breeder who truely cares about the breed will have done health checks on the parents and may be very selective about who their dogs get sold to.

To summarize, if you include thought and common sense in selecting your new dog, you should be able to find the perfect one for you. Your new dog will offer you a lasting, loving relationship that is sure to be fulfilling for all of you. Remember, you are choosing a new family member; make an educated choice and get ready for a great experience for you and your family!

By: Alton Hargrave