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The Answer – a great book!

Meet Lindsey Dawson

Lindsey Dawson is an award-winning magazine editor who has created three major women's titles in her career – More, Next and Grace.

Her seven books include two novels, Angel Baby and Lipstick in the Dust; a book on channelling called Pearls: Words of Wisdom from the Ocean of Life; and a nature-based guide to character analysis – The Elemental You: Discover and Delight in Your Primal Personality. Then there was Wise Up: How to be Fearless and Fulfilled in Midlife – an exploration of the challenges of negotiating the juicy and testing years in the decades from 40 to 60.

Her latest is The Answer, a small gift book designed to help people in all those moments when they need a touch of calm.

A past judge of the Montana New Zealand Book Awards, she has been a talkback host and newspaper reporter, a National Radio commentator and book reviewer, has been a member of the Broadcasting Standards Authority, speaks professionally about the content of her books and runs writing workshops. Visit Lindsey's website here.

Lindsey lives in a house looking out over the Pacific, north of Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband Pete and an uppity cat.

By Lindsey Dawson