Lifestyle hacks for more energy

Apparently, the world is spinning on its axis a tiny bit faster every year1.  Does this mean that time is speeding up as well? As we age are we having to move through life a little more quickly to keep up with the momentum? It certainly seems that we are becoming busier as time spins on by … imagine us in a vortex like Dorothy’s tornado … and (can I throw it out there?) I blame that for the feeling of ennui, fatigue and lethargy we all groan about.

How to find more energy in six simple steps

OK, let’s look at the word Energy. It’s been part of written language since 1590 and signifies activity or operation, according to Random House Dictionary, so the meaning hasn’t changed much over the years. Earlier still it was used by Aristotle to mean ‘force of expression’ – and he’d know. So what did the Greeks do to find more energy? We’ve all heard of the benefits of a Mediterranean diet for health and longevity, so that’s my first lifestyle hack:

  • Eat for energy. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and olive oil, fish, poultry. The good news is that red wine is consumed regularly but in moderate amounts (bother). Speaking of wine, although I personally like a good drop or four, too much at night seriously depletes your energy levels, so take it easy.
  • Have a strong cup of coffee at precisely 10.30am every day. This time is perfect for a happy chemical liaison to occur between the caffeine and your cortisol levels for optimum energy. Just one cup though, or you will be battling the caffeine fall out effect later.
  • Walk faster! Dawdling is boring and makes you yawn. Striding it out gets your blood circulating and helps create a ‘positive mental attitude’ (thanks to James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me for the quote).
  • Go to a sad movie. If your energy fatigue is caused by the stress of trying to keep up with your ever-increasingly fast-moving life, a movie will change everything. You’ll come home with renewed gratitude and sense of perspective over all that plagued you before.
  • Pop your phone away for a few hours. It’s amazing how interacting with your device can drain your energy.
  • Don’t look at your bank account. Why torture yourself? It’s probably not going to change overnight so just let it go – you’re doing the best you can.

Now, do you still feel like a mouse on wheel? Don’t despair, just have that second glass of red. Time is flying so fast that more energy will be yours before you know it!

1 As glaciers melt, the redistribution of mass is making Earth shift and spin faster on its axis. Source: Smithsonian