Resolutions For Your Home

11175 spring clean
11175 spring clean

spring cleanWhile we’re still in the mood to make resolutions and be interested in self-improvement, why not make a resolution to tackle some projects around your house? Like all resolutions, a little change can result in a big improvement.

Set aside 15-minute blocks of time to work on your resolutions.

Be energy smart

Take an active interest in making your home more energy-efficient, little by little. Not only will you feel good about the positive impact on the environment, you’ll also be rewarded with a lower energy bill.

Check that all lights are turned off when a room is empty, and as bulbs blow, replace them with energy-efficient alternatives.

Turn off appliances at the wall that you aren’t using regularly (for example the dryer – in this warm weather, it is worth hanging your clothes outside to dry), or the coffee machine, once the morning rush is over.

Check that no taps are leaking or left dripping and consider installing a water-saving/low-pressure shower head.

Wash clothing that isn’t heavily soiled in cold water rather than warm, and make sure if you only have half a load, that you don’t wash on the full load cycle – it wastes water and electricity.

Clean out your clutter

Clutter makes things hard to find, takes up unnecessary space and can be the cause of unnecessary frustration. Clear out a cupboard a day, rearrange the space if necessary, donate items you no longer need or throw away broken or miscellaneous junk. Carefully label what is left behind for easy location another time.

Clean the windows

Clean windows let in more light (vitamin D anyone?) and give your home an instant lift. They look amazing, and it’s one of the jobs that is often put off. Use hot water and vinegar for a low cost clean, and polish them to a high shine with old newspaper. Lifechanging!


While you’re watching TV or have a few minutes, fit pictures into photo frames or albums. If the frames need their hinges fixed, do that at the same time and then hang them immediately. Art and photographs often end up in dusty piles, but add a new lease of life to rooms once placed. Use one of your 15 minute blocks to make sure all the frames are clean and dusted too.

Be Mr or Mrs Fixit

Loose screws, loose hems, broken edges that need a dab of glue, chipped paint that needs a touchup – all these little jobs are easily put off. Write a list, commit to a timeline and complete them. The feeling of satisfaction once they are done is huge. While you’re at it, finish the ironing pile…