Instant Actions: Colour Care – how to give your home a mood-makeover!

Colour Care

Have you ever entered a room and felt overwhelmed by the colour of the walls or décor? Your reaction may have left you feeling anxious, sad, or uncomfortably stimulated. Or perhaps the effect of the colour scheme has been helpful, to the point where you have felt calm, rested, or creative.

If you think colour has effected your mood, you won’t be the first person to have experienced what many consider to be the psychological affects of pigmentation. While we don’t all have the same reaction to a particular colour (our personal culture, especially, can influence this), we can draw some general conclusions from what others, before us, have noticed. What’s more, with this information tucked under our belt, we can use it to adapt our own homes to shape our moods.

Let’s get started!


Blue is said to be soothing, and to encourage Officefeelings of calm, peace and composure. It’s also a colour believed to stimulate productivity. All of which makes blue a top colour to use in our office or work space. You don’t necessarily have to repaint your office to ‘bring in the blue’. You can add blue ‘notes’ with a blue desk lamp, screen saver, stationery, mouse pad, or office chair. Blue curtains or a blue blind will complete the scene.


Red is the colour of energy and excitement, passion and movement, luck and happiness. Exactly what we want to see in our kitchen – the most creative room in the house! Consider painting one feature wall in your food prep palace red. Or bring in this fiery colour with a bright red stove splash back. Paint your cupboards (or just one or two of them) red. Choose a glossy enamel to paint wooden chairs or a table red, or simply up the accent with a red knife block, red-flowering potted plant, tea towels, crockery, or glass wear. Go red with lampshades, table mats and fruit bowl. However you do it, you’ll be sure to notice even the smallest of red-changes to your kitchen.



Green is closely associated with the living, breathing world of nature. It brings to mind leaves, grass, trees, and even cool water. No wonder it is believed to help us relax, and to remind us to take care of our health. Green is also invigorating, which makes it the perfect colour to wake up to. This is why so many people favour green in their bedrooms. Dress your bedroom with a green duvet and pillow cases, green display cushions, green bedside lamps, artworks displaying forest or garden scenes, and always, a vase of flowers and foliage. Green is a colour you simply cannot go wrong with.


White denotes feelings of freshness,


abundance, space, and security. Too much white, however, can also speak of coldness and isolation, and can shout ‘antiseptic’. It can even be associated, in some cultures, with death. However, above all, when used in moderation, white is a ‘welcoming’ colour. That’s why it is so popular in a living room – the most ‘public’ space in our house.

If your walls are already white, perfect – but only when you tone it down a notch. Use gentle pastels or earthy beige to moderate, and bring in these tones with floor rugs, cushions, throws, wooden coffee tables, drapes, and soft furniture.

Alternatively, if your walls are anything but white, reverse the scene by opting for white décor (white drapes will make the biggest impact). Most importantly, remember there are dozens of shades of white to choose from.

As you have fun with matching colour to mood, remember we are all individuals, and listen most to the inner you. Happy decorating!