Budget Bedroom Make-over

Budget Bedroom Make-over

Everyone spends more time indoors in winter – and one of the cosiest places is in bed. If you’re over looking at the same 4 walls, here are some tips for a change of scene!

Colour spots

If you’re bedroom is in neutral colours, just tweak it with a few matching colour spots (think cushions, a throw, a rug, lampshade, candle, vase, foliage or flowering plants, or art work). Thrift shops are full of these items, and hunting round for them brings hours of inexpensive fun.

If your bedroom is bright, reverse the trend by choosing items in neutral colours. A duvet cover or bedspread is going to bring about the biggest change, so hunt for this first, then purchase other thrift shop items to match.

Tip: take photos of your bedroom with you so you know what you’re shopping for, and take your unwanted items to the thrift shop at the same time to avoid clutter when you return home.

Featuring …

Painting a feature wall can be scary (and expensive!). Instead, create the ‘feature’ aspect in a more temporary way. If you have a roller blind on your window, give it a new lease of life with a coat of paint (your paint shop will be able to advise the best paint for the job). Use Washi tape to help you mask-out geometric patterns before you paint. Or try the splatter technique to flick on a contrasting colour. Not a confident painter? Then, use stencils to help you bring the blind to life.

If you’re into fabric rather than paint, create a large frame (or 2-3 smaller ones) using square cross section 12mmx12mm wooden beading. Hold it together at the corners with screws. Cover the frame(s) in eye-catching fabric (thrift shop sewing sections are the place to look). Staple the fabric on at the back of the frame using a staple gun. Your feature wall creations will be light and easy to hang.

Alternatively, head to the thrift shop for a light, framed canvas onto which you can staple fabric. If you can’t find a large enough piece of fabric for your frame, go patchwork (and look at items of clothing that can be cut down to provide what you need).

Colourful and eclectic

Nothing says ‘winter-cosy’ more than a collection of vintage colour and texture. Throw caution to the wind, and dress your bed in a knitted or crocheted rug, and a hottie complete with knitted cover. Sew thrift shop tapestries into cushion covers, and fill a wall with kitchy art. Buy a few vintage hardbacks and old annuals to pop on your bedside table (you don’t have to read them – you can use them for coasters!). Add some hooks to the back of your bedroom door, and hang up some cosy, colourful dressing gowns and scarves. Gosh – it almost makes you want to hunt out a vintage-look teasmade!

If your curtains are flimsy, grab something heavier from the op shop, and stitch a pair of velvet drape ties to hold them back from the windows during the day (cut down op-shop clothing to source your fabric). Finally, go to town with knick-knacks such as cutsie figurines, pin cusions, mini china jugs filled with wooden crochet hooks, a little framed photo of Great Aunt Agatha (or the Queen!). Have fun with choices, and keep all your knick-knacks on one wooden or cane tray to make dusting easy!

However you ‘make the change’ to your bedroom, remember it doesn’t have to be forever. The beauty of a makeover that costs next to nothing, is you can afford to do it all again next winter. So let your imagination run wild!