Ginny’s winter salad

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Mix a variety of young leaves from the following: endive, red beet, perpetual spinach, asparagus chicory, red Russian kale, cos or freckles lettuce; or make your own collection from your garden.

Add a whole Little Gem lettuce, broken into pieces, plenty of miner’s lettuce and one or two young leaves of mustard lettuce, parsley and petals of nasturtium or borage flowers. Serve with steak and hot potatoes or other dishes of your choice.

This light, tangy dressing, the perfect accompaniment to winter salad containing miner’s lettuce, uses less oil than many high-calorie vinaigrettes.

Lemon, honey and black pepper dressing

1 Tb runny honey, 2 Tb rice wine vinegar, 1 Tb finely grated lemon rind, 2 Tb lemon juice, 1 Tb light olive oil, Freshly ground black pepper.
Shake all ingredients together in a small jar. Pour over mixed salad greens.