The Grown Up Cheese Toastie

grilled cheese
grilled cheese

grilled cheeseComfort food doesn’t come much more comforting than a toastie: bread, cheese, warmth – what’s not to love?

Try this version as a quick lunch or easy late night snack – it takes a few more minutes to prepare, but it is head and shoulders about the quick ham and cheese combo…



You will need:

Good quality bread (a sour dough will do nicely)


Finely grated parmesan


Fresh basil leaves

Charred zucchini/capsicum/mushrooms

Ham off the bone (optional)

Your favourite chutney

Salt and pepper


Soften the butter and mix in the parmesan. Spread this liberally on the outside of the bread.

Layer the other ingredients inside and toast in a non-stick pan or sandwich press.

Adding parmesan to the butter will create a crispy, tasty outside, which is incredibly more-ish!