Low Fat Desserts

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Low Fat Dessert
If you think that low fat dessert recipes would have a tendency to be boring and tasteless, you are not alone. Like you, there are hundreds of dessert lovers who feel that a real dessert should ideally be full of fat and every other sinful element – or else, how can it be called a dessert?

The trick to make low fat dessert recipes tastier and memorable has a lot to do with the some techniques of cooking rather than the elements that you put in them.

Here are some tips to make low fat dessert recipes unforgettable, yet healthy for not just the weight watchers but for the rest of the family too:

The best way to ensure that you are having low fat dessert recipes is to make them at home instead of buying them out. Ready-to-eat desserts bought from stores can prove to be unhealthy for you – full of sugar, salt and fat.

It is perfectly possible to reduce the quantum of fat like oils and butter used to cook the low fat dessert recipes by half or even one-third by using 80% fat reduced Cream cheese, Fat reduced Cream and other low fat products.  You can even buy fat reduced frozen pastry! You might feel the difference the first time, but from then onwards, you would not even feel that you have used less than half of the fats or less recommended in the original recipe.  It is all about careful and planned substitution.

A perfect way to cook low fat dessert recipes is to use fresh fruits. Not only do they add colour but ensure that the quantum of fat used is low, while retaining the taste of the dessert.

Why not replace ice creams with yoghurt, when you are particular about low fat dessert recipes? The same kind of flavours can be used in yoghurts as you use in ice creams. Moreover, yoghurt after a meal always helps in better digestion.

If you are overtly concerned about the fat content in your desserts, use nuts which are lower saturated than the higher ones. Remember, nuts are beneficial to your health, but you do not have to go overboard with them. You need to chop the nuts very finely, so that your low fat dessert recipes have that nutty flavour, yet remain low in fat content.

Choose darker chocolates for low fat dessert recipes rather than the normal ones. Normal milk chocolate actually tastes too sweet whereas darker chocolates contain anti-oxidants which are good for health.

Essences like vanilla, almond, orange or lemon extracts and spices like nutmeg or cinnamon can easily add that extra punch to your desserts without compromising on taste, just because they are low fat dessert recipes.

As is evident from the above, a bit of creativity in your cooking can result in the low fat dessert recipes turning out delicious and tasty – so much so that nobody would ever imagine that the desserts were low on fat content!