Eat Out This Summer

Packing a picnic can be done at a moment’s notice, and is great for a family outing, a romantic interlude or a wonderful time with friends. Try these three while the weather is warm and don’t forget your camera – there’s be plenty of opportunities to snap memories!

The Family Outing

Instead of the movies, a bike ride or the mall, why not pack your family a picnic and enjoy a day together? It can be as simple as a picnic rug and grabbing some sushi or fish and chips, or it can be an event in itself.

Boil some eggs, pack a loaf of nice fresh bread, some berries, a cooked chicken, and salad greens. Hide some treats at the bottom of the picnic hamper and set out for a beach or park.  Don’t forget a Frisbee, some sand toys or some books. Now all you need to do is settle in and enjoy a lazy afternoon, snacking casually and just being together. It’s a gorgeous and relaxing way to spend time with several generations (take a couple of chairs if there are members of the group who may find it hard to get on and off the ground easily).

By later afternoon, everyone should be full of fresh air and good cheer and ready for an early night.

The Romantic Interlude

A surprise picnic is an easy and thoughtful way to have some one on one time. Hide a note under your loved one’s morning coffee, inviting them to lunch, or better still, be ready to go and just text them saying “I’ll meet you in the car in 10minutes,” – the element of surprise is very romantic!

For a romantic picnic, pack a bottle of chilled bubbly (and real glasses, not plastic ones from the picnic set!) and plenty of treats to nibble on – nuts, olives, cheese, fruit etc. It’s a nice idea to take a couple of books or the newspaper, so you can while away a couple of hours.

Time With Friends

Picnics can be gloriously chaotic times with friends – everyone happy in the outdoors, a couple of bottles of wine and no one on hosting duties. All that’s required is to sit and laugh and reminisce and pass the bread/cheese/pate…

Check public concerts, outdoor movie screenings or events in your area and go with a group and a couple of full hampers – it’s a great time guaranteed!